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"Perfect another Idiot."

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Discord: BumbleBee#7157


In case the site is down or you’d like to talk outside HiH!


“Oh, I see that lantern Trimmed low burning in our home.”



Hello and welcome to this page though I’d like to give full warning that if you decide to become friends with me just letting you know the amount of CHAOS/STUPID will follow you till the day I get offline!!


Now here are some things about me though I must warn you my childhood best friend/partner in crime is James Potter so get ready for double the trouble!


Beth Rosemary Greene






Courteous, Roving, Changeable, Avoids conflict, Clever, Lovable, Charming, Affable, Brings out the best in others, Thick-skinned, Closed, Naive, People-oriented, Theoretical, and A thrill-seeker.



March 27, 1960


Maya Greene

Tomas Greene








Aesthetic: Made by yours truly!!



Now, here is some basic info that’s not so Important hahaha!!


Losing people Close to me



James Potter

Lily Evans

Sirius Black

Severus Snape



Camp Fire, Chocolate, Animal Fur, Jame’s cologne, Old Books, Grass/Dirt, Citric Acid, Honey Dew, Ink Quills, Ocean Water, Potions.






Fluffy Cat


Breed:Owl Name: Prongs



Now Ladies, Gentleman and Fluffy Strangers!! This is where I do take my leave *Dramatic Bows* So please do Post on my page if you’d love to Roleplay, or just Chat!!








Extra Starter Link

Harry Potter || Sirius x James || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



Rules: Please Follow to your best ability as I will follow your rules!!

– Please, write at least a Paragraph whenever you respond as it’s very difficult to respond to One-Liners!

– Say your, Oc’s Name at least Once in every other reply as it’s difficult to try and remember different Names!!

– Give Me Time to Respond to your Owls as I will have a lot of them or I might not be Online at the moment as I am busy outside of HiH so please be careful when you spam!

– Help write the ACTION/ROMANCE if there is any as it gets difficult to come up with the drama or adventures by yourself so Please, help out!!

– I’m Fine with cursing and as well as I don’t have any TRIGGERS or anything so feel free to USE WHATEVER YOUR COMFORTABLE WITH!!



RolePlay Area

Things I won't Do in RolePlay

–  Adoption Rp

–  Angel x Human, Demon x HuMAN, Neko x Human, God x Human, Human x Anything.


Ship RolePlay

–  James x Sirius

–  Draco x Harry

–  Hermione x Pansy

–  Cedric x Harry

–  Neville x Blaise

–  Draco x Ron

–  Remus x Sirius

–  James x Regulus

–  Pansy x Luna

–  Harry x Hermione

–  Ron x Harry

–  Luna x Cho

–  Blaise x Ron

–  Regulus x James x Lily

–  Billy x Steve

–  Mike x Will

–  Elven x Max

–  Robin x Nancy

–  Jonathan x Steve

–  Billy x Eddie

–  Eddie x Steve

–  Jonathan x Billy


Fandom RolePlay

–  Harry Potter

–  Chronicles of Narnia

–  100

–  Stranger Things

–  Hunger Games

–  Twilight

–  Maze Runner

–  Umbrella Academy

–  Walking Dead

–  Last of Us

–  Until Dawn

–  Dead of Night

–  Criminal Minds

–  The Witcher

– The  Last Kingdom

–  Arcane


Muggle RolePlay

–  Friends to Lovers

–  Strangers to Lovers

–  Enemies to friends to Lovers

–  Criminal x Cop

–  Boss x Maid

–  Co-Worker x Boss

–  Mafia x FBI

–  Right Hand Man x Mafia

–  Kidnapper x Kidnapped

–  Yandere! X Anything

–  Scientist x Expierment

–  Doctor x Nurse

–  Innocent x Dommant

–  Princess x Guard

–  Prince x Guard

–  Queen x Servant

–  King x Servant

–  Prince x Lower Class

–  Princess x Lower Class

–  Bully [Male] x Quiet Girl

–  Bully [Female x Quiet Girl

–  Bully [Male] x Quiet Male

–  Bully [Female] x Quiet Male

–  Assassin x Assassinator

– Mother x Daughter 

–  Mother x Son

–  Step-Mother x Daughter

–  Step-Mother x Son

–  Father x Daughter

–  Father x Son

–  Step-Father x Daughter

–  Step-Father x Son

–  Aunt x Niece

–  Aunt x Nephew

–  Uncle x Niece

–  Uncle x Nephew

–  Brother x Sister

–  Step-Brother x Sister

–  Brother x Brother

–  Step-brother x Brother

–  Sister x Sister

–  Step-Sister x Sister

–  Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

–  Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] Daughter

–  Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son

–  Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter




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