Vivienne Ava-Rose Evans

“I knew I'd misjudged you."

“They'll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.”

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Discord: Wolfie_Princess#2170

Facebook: Vivienne Ava-Rose Lupin

Hi everyone and Welcome if you wish to Role-Play with me please look at my Rules, and Fandoms/Muggle/Ships to see what you’d like to do!!



My Aesthetic: [Made by Me!!]


Vivienne Ava-Rose Evans [Lupin]



Vivvy [Remus]

Vi [Peter]

Ava [Regulus, and Narcissa]

Rosie [Sirius and Marlenne]

Evans [Professors, and Severus]

Nia [James, and Lily]



Breed: Owl Name: Rust


Breed: Grey Fluffy Cat Name: Minx





Mother- Mrs. Evans

Father- Mr. Evans






Petunia Evans [Dursley]

Lily Evans [Potter]



Remus Lupin



January 30, 1960






Wolf Hair, Grass/Dirt, Bluebells, Ocean Water, Sea Grass, Potions, Old books, Ink quills, 



Muggle Born



Sirius Black

Regulus Black

Narcissa Black

James Potter

Remus Lupin 

Peter Pettigrew

Marlen Mcknight

Severus Snape [Since Childhood]



Oc Section-

Harry Potter: Marauder Era

Evangeline Snape

Maddie Estelle Potter


Hunger Games

Grace Mellark




Starter Section-

Extra Starter Link!




Now this is My Rules!

~ Please say your Oc’s name, at least once in the reply since it gets hard to memorize names a lot for different Rp’s!!

~ I’m fine with cursing and have no Triggers so only use what you're okay with using!!

~ Write at least a paragraph whenever you respond as it’s hard to write back to one-liners and such!

~ Give me time to respond as I will you since I know we're all very busy and such outside HiH!!



Here is my fandoms/ships/muggle Roleplay!!


This is what I won’t do!

– Adoption Rp

– Devil x Human, Angel x Human, Neko x Human, or Human x Anything


Ship’s Roleplay

– Draco x Harry

– James x Regulus x Lily

– Blaise x Neville

– Hermione x Luna

– Draco x Ron

– Harry x Herione

– James x Sirius

– Blaise x Ron

– Remus x Sirius

– Hermione x Pansy

– James x Regulus

– Max x Elven

– Will x Mike

– Nancy x Robin

– Jonathan x Steve

– Billy x Eddie

– Steve x Eddie


Fandom RolePlay

– Harry Potter

– Umbrella Academy

– Chronicles of Narnia

– Hunger Games

– Stranger Things

– 100

– The Witcher

– The last Kingdom

– Walking Dead

– Last of Us

– Until Dawn

– Dead of Night

– Twilight


Muggle RolePlay

– Friends to Lovers

– Enemies to Lovers

– King x Servant

– Queen x Servant

– Guard x Prince

– Guard x Princess

– Lower Class x Prince

– Lower Class x Princess

– Cop x Criminal

– Yandere! X Anything

– Mafia x FBI

– Right Hand x Leader

– Mother x Daughter

– Mother x Son

– Father x Daughter

– Father x Son

– Aunt x Niece

– Aunt x Nephew

– Brother x Brother

– Brother x Sister

– Boss x Co-Worker

– Maid x Boss

– Sister x Sister

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

–Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son




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