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Hi Ya Everyone!!

“I just...feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself.”

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Hello and Welcome Everyone!! Please be respectful on my Page, as I will be nice to you as well!


Email: peachyflowerrpemail@gmail.com 

Discord: Slytherin_Queen_Malfoy#7241

Quotev: SleepingDragon92



"You Gotta Be Who You Are, Not Who You Were."

- Elaina Lia Malfoy


Elaina Lia Malfoy









June 5, 1980



Draco Malfoy



Narcissa Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy



Sirius Black



Bellatrix Lestrange



Severus Snape



Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Ronald Weasley

Luna Lovegood

Ginny Weasley

Fred Weasley

George Weasley



Oc Section-

Harry Potter: Marauder Era

Chloe Black

Gabrielle Evans



Starter Area-

*Click Me!!*

Harry Potter || Neville x Blaise || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



Rule’s to Role-Play!

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  • Please Don’t Spam as I will eventually get to you and the roleplay as I’m a busy person outside HiH!

  • Say Your Oc’s Character at least Once in every reply if you can as it gets hard to remember them!

  • I have nothing that bothers me so please let me know if you have any Triggers so I don’t make you Uncomfortable!

  • Please write at least a paragraph whenever you reply to me in the roleplay as It’s hard to respond to 1-Liners!!

  • Last Rule: Have Fun- Don’t let me do all of the work, if you have input then use it as it would be better for both of us to work together than separately!!

  • </ol>



    Stuff I won’t do in Role-Plays:

    – Demon x Angel, Human x Neko, Robot x Human or anything Human x Anything [Unless it’s a fandom like Twilight then I won’t do it!]

    – Adoption Rp


    Role-Play Ship’s:

    – Harry x Draco

    – Hermione x Pansy

    – Matteo x Hermione

    – Neville x Blaise

    – James x Sirius

    – Draco x Ron

    – James x Regulus x Lily

    – Harry x Hermione

    – Remus x Sirius

    – James x Lily

    – Ron x Blaise

    – James x Regulus

    – Max x Elven

    – Will x Mike

    – Steve x Billy

    – Jonathan x Nancy

    – Eddie x Steve

    – Billy x Johnathan

    – Nancy x Robin

    – Peter Penvensie x Caspian

    – Susan Pevensie x Caspian


    Fandom’s RolePlay:

    – Umbrella Academy

    – 100

    – Stranger Things

    – Harry Potter

    – Twilight

    – Hunger Games

    – Maze Runner [Been a while]

    – Walking Dead

    – Criminal Minds

    – Until Dawn [Video Game]

    – The Witcher

    – The Last Kingdom

    – Dead of Night [Video Game]

    – Wednesday [Haven’t finished Yet]

    – Chronicles of Narnia


    Muggle RolePlay:

    – Friends to Lovers

    – Enemies to Lovers

    – Strangers to Enemies To Lovers

    – Criminal x Cop

    – Queen x Severant

    – Prince x Lower Class

    – King x Servant

    – Princess x Lower Class

    – Mother x Daughter

    – Father x Son

    – Uncle x Nephew

    – Boss x Co-Worker

    – Aunt x Niece

    – Brother x Brother

    – Sister x Sister

    – Maid x Boss

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son

    – Yandere! X Anything

    – Zombie Apocalypse

    – Scientist x Expeirement

    – Arranged Marriage

    – FBI x Mafia Leader

    – Right Hand Man x Mafia Leader

    – Kidnapped x Kidnapper




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