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Wand :

Wood- Spruce.    

Core- Dragon Heartstring.      

Length- 12 1/2.    

Unyielding Flexibility      

Patronus :



Emma has long dirty-blonde hair, grayish blue eyes, and a birthmark on her collar bone. She has olive tone tanned skin, due to working with her parents in their potions shop, which mainly consisted of her staying outside a majority of her time to tend to plants for potion ingredients. She is about 5'8 and often wears neutral colored clothing. She is often seen in light denim shorts or pants with brown, yellow, or sage shirts. She has a white ribbon that she always wears in her hair from her grandparents.


Emma is almost always seen with a smile on her face, whether it's barely visible or as bright as possible. She is friendly and always wants to help people, with feelings or with favors. Like all humans she gets upset, but she often does it in her own time as to not bother anyone else. Though when she's mad, she does get visibly upset. She is a people pleaser, as she feels she has to prove she is good enough everyone.


Emma is from a small Pureblood family, and they don't care at all for blood purity. She grew up in the upstairs of her parents potions shop. Emma was always at the shop, meaning she didn't meet many childten her age. She was mainly used to seeing older adults coming to the small building for supplies. She did meet a few children at one point, but she was bullied for not being like them, having the newest toys and not knowing how to play many games. When she first went to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Hufflepuff. Her parents were both Gryffindors, and that's how she started to believe she needed to prove herself as she thought she disappointed them by not getting their house.

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