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Name: Lana Morgan

Age: 18

Status: Pure-blood



Lana has long, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. You will most likely catch her wearing skirts (especially shorter ones) and her Slytherin uniform with pride. Outside of classes, she wears skirts with big and comfortable sweaters. Even though her family is all pure-bloods, they all love shopping in Muggle shops in London where she gets most of her clothes from. She loves the brand POLO Ralph Lauren the most and you will never catch her not wearing one of their sweaters along with her favorite Longchamp bag. Her style could be described as old money.



Lana is a perfect image of all of the values of Slytherins. She is ambitious, cunning, and resourceful. She is a huge bookworm and you will never catch her without a book in her hand. She is very caring, especially to her friends. Most of her friends call her the “mom” of the friend group because she loves taking care of everyone. Lana is a great cook and enjoys making fancy dinners. She loves spending time in the library and having picnics near the Black Lake. She loves Quidditch and hopes to be a Slytherin seeker.



Lana is a proud Morgan. Her family has taught her courage and ambition from a very young age. She is an only child. All of her family members were on top of their class while they attended Hogwarts so Lana is facing a lot of pressure to be like her parents. Even though her parents are perfectionists, they love Lana with their whole hearts and love showering her with gifts that she shares with her best friends at Hogwarts.




Astronomy: In Progress 

Charms: In Progress 

Defense Against the Dark Arts: In Progress

Flying: In Progress 

Herbology: In Progress 

History of Magic: In Progress 

Potions: In Progress 

Transfiguration: In Progress



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