Lily Aria Hale

"I wanna be yours." Artic Monkey

"I'll be your Villain." - Neoni

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Contact Info:


Discord: atolloepy

Pinterest: Atolloepy


Original Character’s:

Fandom: Last of Us

Sadie Amaia Miller

Catherine Aria Grimes

Fandom: Harry Potter - Golden Trio Era

Evelyn Narcissa Malfoy

Adeline Esper Weasley



Harry Potter || Draco x Hermione || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



Notice Board:

• I will only do FxF or MxM types of Roleplay unless it’s a ship Rp then I can do FxM [since there are some male Roles I don’t mind doing depending on the fandom!!]


About Me:

Status: Single

Name: Lily Aria Hale

Nickname: RIa, Lil’s, and Hale

DOB: January 2nd, 2002

Star Sign: Capricorn

Age: 21

Sexuality: Lesbian

Pronouns: She/Her

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Green

Nationality: British/American

Personality: Kind Hearted, Cheerful, Aware, Lively, Private, Genuine, Hypersensitive, Fast-moving, Creative, Strategic, Thrill seeker, Active, Honourable, and A joker.


Pet Breed: Calico Cat

Name: Jinx


Stuff I won’t Do in Roleplay:

• Self - Harm

• Adoption Rp

• Human x Anything

• Double Oc Rp

• Sexual Assault

• Beastiality

• Toxic

• Abusive

• Controlling

• Parent x Child, Cousin x Cousin, Uncle/Aunt x Niece/Nephew

Wall Rule’s:

• Do not spam, my page please!!

• Be polite to those who post, as I will not tolerate Bullying!!

• Do Not Post Chainmail, Group Advertisements, Newspaper Requests, Quizzes/Polls/Games on my wall as I have no use for them!!

• Do not Start any Drama please, or Report me if you have problems with me then owl me please!!

• Do Not Reply to posts/starters that get posted on my page, please as they don’t need your input!!

Roleplay Rule’s:

• Help write the Action/Plot/Angst/Romance please, as I won’t be the only one doing so!!

• Give time for replies as I am a human being outside of HiH and will need to think a lot!!

• If you wish to stop the Rp let me know instead of Ghosting, please as I find that rude!!

• If you wish to start, then go ahead since sometimes I can’t come up with anything!!

• Please use the proper speech marks as I get really confused when someone uses Asterisks [***]

• Write at least a paragraph as I won't accept one-liners, or one worded responses, as I am a semi lit to lit writer!!

Trope Roleplay Ideas:

• Friends to Lovers

• Enemies to Lovers

• Secret Lovers

• Revolving Door

• Time Travel

• Reincarnation

• Best Friends Sibling

• Lovers to Enemies to Lovers Again

• Soul mates

• Fake relationship

• Sunny vs grumpy

• Oblivious to love

• Amnesia/mistaken identity

• Opposites attract

• The Bet

• Love Triangle


Fandom Roleplay: There are more dears, so please Ask!!

• London Has Fallen

• Criminal Minds

• Harry Potter

• Percy Jackson

• Sam and Colby

• COD - Ghost

• MW2 - Remastered

• Last of Us - Part 1 and 2

• Hunger Games

• First Kill

• Arcane

• Walking Dead - Tv Show

• Stranger Things

• Chronicles of Narnia

• Outer Banks

• Five Nights at Freddy’s

• Until Dawn

• The Quarry

• My Hero Academia

• Yu-Gi-Oh

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