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Aspiring writer, blogger, Quiddicth player, and the new geek girl with a kind heart and big brains

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Sometimes I feel like I can achieve more when I write, although I am very outspoken and have taken numorous public speaking competitions throughout the muggle world. My family is of pureblood status but even with all the glory that 'title' comes, my motto is "hard works pays off if you put every second of what you are doing." No supprise, but a huge suprise, was when my mother stumbled across a flying letter after opening an explosive box of (magic) fireworks. It was my letter to Hogwards. "EEEEkkkkkkkkkkkkk oh my gawd, Im going to Hogwards" was definitely my reaction. My parents were (and still are) super proud of me. Although pureblood, both of my parents went to separate schools, Beauxbaton and Dumstrang respectively. My father ,Horati Piyasako, is a practicioner in potionology- I picked that skill up since babyhood- while my mother, Jane Fostero Priyasako, specialises in the beauty of the vast spell-binding wildlife ,plant and beast alike, which honed to sprawled a career in the magical beastiology and plantation department. Like I say, my life isn't just about having a slytherin in a family, my parents don't show off our pride; we just watch and mind our own businesses. I definitely have the qualities of both my parents:

  • Studious

  • Dutyfull

  • Shy but extroverted (somehow I am)

  • Bookworm

  • Curious

  • Creative

I am always available ,if I am online, to make friends and to get to know more. I must have a social life too! And...I realise I forgot to add my personal Bio !!!!

Name: Miko Priyasako

Age: 15-18

Height: 5 foot 4 (im very short)

Family: Horati Priyasako (35), Jane Fostero Priyasako (34)

Favourite colour: Pastels 

Fashion trend: Y2K, edgy, Gamer Girl

Patronus: Falcon


Come with me as I will take you on an adventure through my wacky life featuring:

  • -Ups and downs

  • -My current status

  • -Advice (im good at it)

  • -Friendships along the way

  • -Magical adventures 

  • </ol>


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