Seth Malachi

I.W.C. Assigned Student

Madness takes it's Toll, please have Exact Change.

  • Joined November 2022
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 493 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Name: Seth Malachi
Age: 22 (August 7th, 2000)
Birthplace: Unknown, North America
Blood Status: Unknown (suspected half-blood)
House: Ravenclaw

Patronus: Raven
Wand: 11", Dogwood (Red Pygmy), Phoenix Feather core, suprisingly swishy flexibility

Yea, so as you can see I'm not a 'normal student'. For one I didn't hail from the UK, nor am I under the age of 17 like a typical student. Know the I.W.C. (International Confederation of Wizards) has assigned or should I say 'encouraged my voluntary enrollment' in my choice of Magic School if I desire to remain free.

Basically I am 'unofficially trained' user of magic arts whom had found a (actually several) ways to remain off magical detentions for far longer than I.W.C. would have liked. As part of my 'agreement' I turned over my inventions (we assume they were all mine) that aided in masking my talents and actions. I have enrolled in a Magic Institute so that I might learn the 'proper' manner for use of my talents.

Before you ask, Yes the I.W.C. is less than empressed that I very openly share the pre-stated info freely, and would love nothing more than to 'shut me up'; but atlast the fools were far to focused on other matters/subjects during the 'agreement' process to include an N.D.A. clause (note if you magic kin don't understand what is a N.D.A. then please consume some muggle culture). Secondly, NO! I am not guilty of using any 'forbidden' magics (that I know of yet) and my offenses were all minor in of themselves. It was the length of time to which I was able to evade detection and the, how did they say? "Profound and Grievous Peril" I placed all magic kind with my "Rampant ignorance and disregard for safety of the established order of Wizard/Witch kind". Honestly I can't look any of those I.W.C. people in the face and not atleast snicker when they attempted to remind me of my 'crimes'. Seriously you had a team of 'specialists' tracking and attempting to 'apprehend' me for three whole years (that's a team dedicated to tracking me alone), before they finally caught up with me and I decided to stop evading.

As for my lineage and parents, well before the I.W.C. caught me; I ensured that even I don't remember it, well atleast fully. All I allowed myself (via memory altering or destroying charms) to retain is that my Mother was trained in the arts, and she gave me instructions though for reasons I can't recall anymore. She elected to Not have myself attend nor be known to the magicing world and honestly she must have trained me very well, if I could evade the I.W.C. for a decade.

It appears that I have a rare/unique talents (we assume since birth, much like Metamorphmagi) for Apparition and Disapparition as well as uncategorized teleportation (think house elf in similarity). This definitely assisted in my evasion for a decade and it does have its limitations (ie most charms/wards do block it or atleast endanger my health, ie splinching. Much like they are not effective against elves either.) Distance is NOT a factor and basically its all the same to me 10 meters or 10 million meters. Yes I can as easily transport others with me without additional risk over distance with only slightly increasing drawbacks. 'Movement' is silent when I am alone and only cause slight noise (increases with the volume of mass) I move with myself (other than myself). To what degree? well taking five people is a small whisp of wind, while a build was a crack of lightning, on top of the huge crash of that blasted thing hitting the ground from six inches off the ground. What? You try pulling a bloody building hundred kilometers away and land is softly on the ground. Didn't think so! Basically the best I can figure it out myself is that my talent allows for near seamless movement of my person between to points in space/time, with increasing displacement of space/time on target location upon arrival. This displacement causing mostly audiable shockwave of increasing intensity with greater amount of mass I 'move' with myself. Now according to the I.W.C. (as I can't tell what happens to were I left, as duh I'm not there to observe) the displacement effects of myself moving mass is extremely low. Basically the building motion caused a swift wind gust that pulled at persons but not to any degree more than a strong wind. (Which honestly facinated me, that I cause such a violent entrance, which I could understand with sudden displacement of mass with the new mass I've introduced but its the lack of equal displacement on origin point that peaks my interest. Not like I can easly study it as I can't be in two places at once and my talent seems to be atleast at this point completely unseen. Shame really.)


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