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So Brother what evil shall we cause?

Slytherins Are THE BEST!

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Discord: slythertrio

Pinterest: @SlytherTrio


Hello everyone I’m Beatrix Malfoy. It's a pleasure to meet you!!


Name: Beatrix Daisy-Mae Malfoy

House: Slytherin


Wand: Applewood | Dragon Heartstring | 12” | Surprisingly Swishy


Parent’s: Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy


Siblings: [Twin] Draco Lucius Malfoy


DOB: June 5, 1980


Star Sign: Gemini


House Elf: Minx [cute and shy little thing]



Bea [Madison Lily Black]





Mrs. Malfoy [Professor’s]


Girlfriend: Luna Lovegood



George Weasley - Fred Weasley

Ginny Weasley - Ron Weasley

Madison Lily Black

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter


Owl Name: Leo 

Breed: Barn Owl Daffodil


Looks like my mother, [Slightly Curly] Long brunette hair, slightly freckles covering my nose, blue/gray eyes.


Harry Potter || Regulus Black x James Potter || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



Original Character’s:

Fandom: Harry Potter - Marauder Era

Colby Daisy-May Black

Rosanna Lexi-Mae Potter

Clarissa Eva-Rose Malfoy


Fandom: Harry Potter - Golden Trio

Beverley Ellie-Louise Zabini


Wall Rule’s:

• Don’t be Homophobic, Transphobic, CHILDISH, or Racists please!!

• If you’d wish to chat post on my wall, or on my Discord not in Owls please!!

• Don’t reply to other comments that don’t need your input, please and thank you!!

• Please, don’t post Advertisements, Group Games, Quizzes, or anything like that!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

• Write at least, a paragraph please, as we need to be able to bounce ideas off of each other

• If you have any TRIGGER’S, let me know as I’d like to be able to avoid them as much as possible.

• If you’d wish to leave or start a new Rp let me know instead of Ghosting me or not responding to the Rp.

• Give me time to respond as I do have a social life, outside of HiH so I won’t be able to respond all that much.

• Help write the Action/Romance/Angst/Plot or any fine details of the story, as I won’t be the only one doing so.

• I’m fine with Cursing and as well as NSFW, just make sure you’re comfortable with them and LMK..

• I’m fine with misspelled words, or grammar but make sure they are easy enough to understand what you’re saying.

• Please don’t use Asterisks [***] whenever you reply please as it gets confusing for me when they’re used.

Stuff I won’t Do!!

• Abusive/Toxic/Controlling

• Human x Anything

• Double Oc Rp

• Adoption 

Fandom List:

- Harry Potter

- Hunger Games

- Criminal Minds

- The Witcher

- Chronicles of Narnia

- Chronicles of Spiderwick

- The Last Kingdom

- Hunger Games

- Attack On Titan

- Walking Dead [Tv Show]

- My Hero Academia

- Percy Jackson

- Maze Runner

- Stranger Things

- Until Dawn 

- The Conjuring Series

- The Nun

- Annabelle [First Movie]

- The Last of Us [Part 1 and 2]

- The Kingsman

- The Quarry

- Pirates of the Caribbean 

- Fairy Tail [Anime]

- Black Butler

- Hunter x Hunter

- Extraction

- Fast and Furious

- Arcane

- S.W.A.T

- Umbrella Academy

- Outer Banks

- #Alive

- First Kill

- Yu-Gi-Oh

- ZombieLand [Half-way Seen]

- Death Note

- The 100

- YOU [ Season 2]

- All of Us are Dead

- Dragon Ball Z Series

- Wednesday


Ship List:

Harry Potter - Marauder Era

- James x Remus

- James x Regulus

- James x Sirius

- James x Marleen

- James x Lily

- James x Severus

- James x Pandora

- James x Barty Jr.

- James x Rosier

- Remus x James

- Remus x Sirius

- Remus x Severus

- Remus x Regulus

- Remus x Pandora

- Remus x Lily

- Remus x Marleen

- Remus x Barty Jr.

- Remus x Rosier

- Sirius x Remus

- Sirius x James

- Sirius x Severus

- Sirius x Lily

- Sirius x Pandora

- Sirius x Rosier

- Sirius x Barty Jr.

- Sirius x Rosier

- Sirius x Marleen

- Regulus x James

- Regulus x Remus

- Regulus x Rosier

- Regulus x Severus

- Regulus x Lily

- Regulus x Pandora

- Regulus x Barty Jr.

- Regulus x Merleen

Harry Potter - Golden Trio

- Harry x Draco

- Harry x Ron

- Harry x Hermione

- Harry x Theodore

- Harry x Cedric

- Harry x Luna

- Harry x Blaise

- Harry x Pansy

- Harry x Fred

- Harry x George

- Harry x Ginny

- Ron x Harry

- Ron x Luna

- Ron x Hermione

- Ron x Draco

- Ron x Blaise

- Ron x Pansy

- Ron x Theodore

- Ron x Cedric

- Hermione x Draco 

- Hermione x Harry

- Hermione x Ron

- Hermione x Pansy

- Hermione x Luna

- Hermione x Matteo

- Hermione x Theodore

- Hermione x Cedric

- Hermione x Fred

- Hermione x George


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