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Hello there! My name is Emily Minerva Potter, I am the youngest of my 3 siblings, James being the eldest, Albus being next, along with Lily, and then me. I was sorted into Slytherin like my brother Albus, it was quite a predicament to my professors I believe... 2 Potter siblings in one house, while the other 2 in the supposed "enemy side". I was not a hat stall, although I think the dusty old Sorting Hat could've taken a little while longer to decide... I believe I will enjoy my potions class or my transfiguration class a lot better than defense against the dark arts of flying, I have a fear of heights. Not good for the Quidditch team sadly... I will get over it hopefully. I am a half-blood. I think my blood status, along with my family's own name has caused many problems in the Muggle world for us, it's almost as if how my mother was treated, or how my aunt Hermione was treated as such... As if we were ants and the pure-bloods are the boot, even if we have no quarrel with them they will always find a way to trample on us... Unless you're my cousins. My greatest strengths are being able to make good goals and reach them; I am very athletic and understanding when it comes to emotions; and I am very good at finding out other's weaknesses, although my weakness is my own mind, I get very ambitious when it comes to things I see others do so effortlessly, and instead, I will hurt myself recklessly, that is why I am not allowed in the kitchen until my 4th year at Hogwarts...? I think after I am done here I would love to be able to work somewhere in the fashion industry, or maybe even at the school of Witchcraft ad Wizardry itself! Maybe I could be the next Professor McGonagall! My father has said many wonderful things about her! After all, I think that is one of the reasons why I am named after her! I believe the most interesting thing about magic itself would be the wide variety of it! Differing from spells to potions, to transformations. I think I would love to help others once I am done... But I feel something deep down inside of me that is telling me that I need to do something that You-Know-Who would've done, maybe its a curse or something like that. But the thing I want most in this world is to just be happy with my family and to always try my best and do my goals and complete my goals with flying colors. My owl is named Willow, after my favorite tree in the backyard, and because of my owl's yellow eyes, like how the willow tree has its dew after it rains and the sun shines over the droplets! I don't believe there are any disagreements in my family, or rather with our family, my father is on good amends with the Malfoy family, and the Weasley family is extended with ours! But I will say we have the best family and nobody not a single soul could ever change my mind about that!


About Me... Characteristics 

Age: 16

Birthday: July 4th

Zodiac: Cancer

Look: Long Wavy Chestnut Brown Hair; Hazel Eyes

Favorite Colors: Green, Black, White, Yellow

Favorite Class: Potions, History of Wizardry, Transfiguration

Least Favorite Class: Herbology (Merely because I always kill the plants...)

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Spell: Expeliarmus

Favorite Professor: Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, Professor Trelawney

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