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Hi! My name is Lynnzie. I enjoy 60’s music, baking, and art of all kinds. Remember that you’re loved<3

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Lynnzie grew up in an exceptionally wealthy home surrounded by only her mother, Marlowe, and her father, Donovan. Her mother attended Hogwarts as a Gryffindor student, however, her father did not attend Hogwarts at all. Marlowe and Donovan were eloped, rather than married, and Lynnzie was born three years afterward. 

From a very young age, Lynnzie's mother noticed her daughter's growing passion and interest for anything involving astrology. Lynnzie would often stay outside for hours staring at the stars, before her mother would force her inside for tea, or bedtime. Her father saught Lynnzie out to be a dreamer, although, Marlowe always said that magic has no value to those who don't believe in it. 

Because Lynnzie was an only child, she often felt lonely and isolated. On weekdays she attended regular school, and on weekends she avoided going to friends houses to study the different star shapes exactly when the sunset. Of course she had friends, but she preferred quiet over chaos. 

As soon as Lynnzie turned eleven, her letter inviting her to Hogwarts slipped through the mail hole in her door, and she was ecstatic. Despite the worry of not getting along with others or the nerves of being a first year, Lynnzie had promised her mother that she would do well, and that she did. She joined many clubs and such off the bat, and enrolled in some of her mother's favorite first year classes as a headstart. 

Her mother was quite disappointed that Lynnzie was not sorted into the same house as her, however, a Slytherin title changes nothing about a person unless they allow it to. 

Lynnzie now spends her first year at Hogwarts studying, and learning the ropes of what it takes to be a student at a school full of magic.

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