Nancy Greengrass Marshall

Supernatural Student

"And I Want To Make You A Promise, That You Will Have, That I Never Did. Someone To Tell You That They Love You Every Single Day And Someone To Fight For You."

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Parent(s): Hayley Marshall(Mother) 

Sibling(s): Hope Mikaelson 

Patronous: Black Mamba 

Supernatural Powers/Strength: Nancy G. Marshall is one of the 6th most powerful Heretics in the world, being a physic-siphoner witch and a clever immortality vampire, as being immortal is quite impossible and only her and the Originals have this ability.  

Magic: 4300 (Close to Papa Tunde's Power)

Strength: 1000

Siphoning Magic: 800

(Does not need blood thirst to survive)


Nancy Greengrass Marshall was born in Mystic Falls, Virginia. A safe place where everybody was perfectly normal with their own lives. That is until, vampires came back from the dead. And witches. And werewolves. Virginia was their home. They were the supernaturals of the entire world. Vampires were the first to ever be created by Esther Mikaelson, an orignal, very powerful witch. As so, Nancy was give birth by Hayley Marshall. Though, it was kept as a secret and the two were very distant and did not have a close mother-daughter relationship. Nancy never knew who her father was but she could care less. Hayely gave up Nancy because she was too young at that time and panicked on how to care of a child, as Hayley herself was abandoned by her biological and adopted parents, so she never learned on how to be a mother since no one taught her.(Couple years later, Hayley had an affair with Klaus, giving birth to Hope, Nancy's half-sister. Though, both were kept to be a secret from one another) Thus, Nancy was later on to be raised with her cousins, The Greengrass family. Her cousins, Daphne and Astoria were like sisters to her. Though, her uncle, Florian Greengrass disliked Nancy because she was an ophan and didn't want to treat her as his own daughter, unlike his wife, Adorabella who loved her dearly. As Nancy grew up, she went to Mystic Falls Highschool and had some love interests that included Kol Mikaelson and Stefan Salvatore but, the relationship between both never stayed long. Nancy was then recieved a letter from Hogwarts. She knew her cousins already attend that school while she stayed in a muggle school to keep her "safe" for a while and live atleast a normal, teenage girl life. Though, that was already impossible since Nancy was genetically a heretic and a little of a siphoner. Meaning, she was part vampire and part physic-witch. She had the ability to read minds, inflict pain, cast highly violent spells, power of immortality, compel/control others, and even talk to animals. As she attended Hogwarts, Nancy's life turned totally upside down and completely changed her perspective of life. Of course, she was involved in quite a lot of stuff, mostly due to her scary powers at such a young age. But that never stopped her. She wanted to show the world what she was made of. What powers she could posses and hold. 







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