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The son of Hades is a convenient shelf who once got drunk on flowers for 80 years. Which makes me question: WHY do I associate myself with such WEIRD people?

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It's me. Hi. I'm the problem, it's me.


『✨ 』pureblood (in both worlds)








Ruby Solace is a daughter of Athena and Apollo. (Don't ask. PLEASE. It involves Apollo's evil schemes, etc.) 

Ruby Solace discovered Hogwarts while on a journey to Europe to help her brother Will take a break from Nico di Angelo, and the fact that she was able to see it (oh, yes, with her brother) meant she possessed not only god magic (being born from two gods instead of being an actual demigod) but also wizard magic. She joined the Wizarding World soon after that and is part loyal to Camp Half Blood (whatever. We don't focus on the details okay? For now let's just call Ruby a half blood), part loyal to Hogwarts.

Ruby tries to help Will with healing, but she's mostly terrible with it. The only power she inherited from her father is her love of music, but for the rest of it, she's Athena all the way. 

Ruby's friends include:

Leo Valdez (He's very, um... HOT), Nico di Angelo (They're really nice!!), Summer Campbell (She's funny and awesome), Priya Bulstrode (She's also funny), Rachel Waters (She's the only person I know with that many house points) and Ava Hart (She's cool). 

Um... not that Ruby prides herself on her friends' house points... Duh. (Maybe)

She hopes to make more soon. <3

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