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Hello everyone! I'm Viola Vega-Harrington! I'm the daughter of Caroline Vega and Charlie Murphy, and stepdaughter to Steve Harrington. I'm 16 years old. I'm best friends with Holly Wheeler, Mike and Nancy Wheeler's younger sister. 

Name: Viola Marie Vega-Harrington 

Age: 16

DOB: August 8th

Sexuality: Bisexual

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Relationship Status: Single 

Face claim: Ansley Spinks

Parents: Caroline Vega (m), Charlie Murphy (d)

Stepparents: Steve Harrington (sf), Ella Cooper (sm)

Siblings: Emma Murphy (half-sister)

Step-siblings: Della Murphy (ss)

Godparents: Joyce Hopper, Jim Hopper

Aunt: Emily Vega, Sandra Murphy

Uncle: Hayden Murphy

Friends: Holly Eaton

Family friends: Mike Wheeler, Jane Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Suzie Henderson, Nancy Byers, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, Max Sinclair, Lucas Sinclair, Robin Buckley, Vickie Buckley

Backstory: I was born in Hawkin, Indiana in 1984 to Caroline Vega and Charlie Murphy. Two years after I was born my father cheated on my mother with Ella Cooper. My father left my mother for Ella, leaving my mother alone. We spent a year and a half alone when my mother met Steve Harrington through my best friend’s (Holly Wheeler) older brother (Mike Wheeler). After a year of casual dating, Steve and my mom got more serious. By that time my dad had already had another baby with my stepmom, who already had a daughter at the time of their marriage. My dad tried to introduce his new family to me by kidnapping me when I was nearly five. Steve heard about what my father did and drove all the way to New York City to get me back. My mom said that’s the moment she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Steve Harrington. He finally proposed to her a month after Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byer’s wedding in 1990 (about two years later). They got married in late 1991. Steve signed adoption papers the month after the wedding, making him my legal father. I was re-baptized as Viola Marie Vega-Harrington in December 1992. Steve and mom agreed that Jim and Joyce Hopper would be my godparents (my mother knew them from the brief time she dated Jonathan Byers). There was a large celebration and all of our family friends were invited, including Mike Wheeler, Jane Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Suzie Henderson, Nancy Byers, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, Max Sinclair, Lucas Sinclair, Robin Buckley, and Vickie Buckley, along with my best friend Holly Wheeler (now Eaton), who was 12 (her being four years older than me). Things were great for six years until my mother announced she was pregnant. The whole family was thrilled until seven months into the pregnancy she miscarried. By that time I was almost fifteen, and my mother fell into a deep depression. That was when my scumbag of a dad decided to show up to give him “condolences” for the loss of the baby. Then was the time that he tried to take me again, and again Steve jumped in, saving me from my own father who was ready to hit me with a spikey bat (Steve had made it for a “project” years ago. He said he’ll tell me about it when I’m seventeen). Steve decided to take legal action and put a restraining order against my father. I was slightly upset but I knew it was best. Finally, on my fifteenth birthday, Holly (nineteen) announced to me that she was getting married to her longtime high school boyfriend, Jake Eaton. I was thrilled and quickly began helping out with the planning. Right after my 16th birthday Holly and Jake got married. 


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