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I was born on the 4th of december, 2007. My mom and dad chose the name April, why? I don't know, ask them. My childhood was pretty ordinary. Like any other muggle born I grew up in the muggle world. Surrounded by electronics and non-magical people. We lived on a farm where we didnt have a lot of farm animals. But still, we were happy with the two pigs and three dogs that we had. When I was 12 I was about to go to 8th grade, the second year of middle school. I was exited (obviously) but the letter that arrived that morning was about to change everything.

That morning the post came. We were not expecting anything and the letter arrived at an unusual time. 5:43am. The letter was directed to me. So, like any other person I opened it, after first looking at the fancy lettering for a good 15 minutes. We al know what it said. 

Dear April Bennet, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. blah blah blah

I was stunned. Me? A witch? How could that sort of thing even exist? Like any other kid I always hoped that magic existed but as you grow older you start to stop believing. But it made sense. It explained why dads wine glass would fall of the table when I would get angry, why I would always sense what someone was feeling without them saying a word or how my door (without a lock) would suddenly be locked when I refused to talk to anyone. How strange it might have sounded to me at the time, it made sense.

My parents could not believe it. And I don't mean it in such a way that they were proud, no they really couldn't believe it, they refused to, in fact. The next day someone knocked on our door. A strange looking man wearing a robe. Was he a real wizard? He certainly looked like one. The man introduced himself as professor Slughorn. Quite an odd name if you ask me. 

He started explaining everything, to my parents and to me. What the magical world was, how they kept an eye on me since the first time I showed signs of possesing magical abilities, he told us everything. After that he asked my parenst about their financial status. Thankfully there were no issues concerning that. Exept that, we only had muggle money, British pounds if you will. So he introduced the idea of taking us all to a place named Diagon Ally. There we got all my stuff that I would need to follow lessons at Hogwarts. Even though the idea of going there was still extremely bizare to me, I was also very exited. 

I bought my wand at Olivanders, a strange experience to say the least. After only swishing two wands I foudn the right one. It gave me a strange warm feeling in my chest, but it felt right. A wand made of yew wood with a unicorn hair strand as the core. I loved it. I was devestated when I heard I wasn't allowed to bring one of my dogs with me so we bought a new pet. A black cat named Timmy. My new bestfriend. 

I got on the train after running through a wall and then arrived at Hogwarts, my new home for what was to be many, many years of adventures.

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