Thora Chrysalis

Spell Researcher

Just another half-Japanese, half-Greek, pure-blood here! I love Defense Against the Dark Arts, and I hope to become a Professors Assistant!

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I may be a older student here at Hogwarts, but I am a graduate of Ilvermorny. I have already spent eight years studying spells, the unique bits of magic that we all use. Lingual histories, connections between the incantation and effect of a spell, that wonderful feeling when a spell is born. Of course, I had to get my license at Hogwarts before I could get funding for my work in New England, but that was more a formality than anything. I’m currently studying a set of ancient spellbooks in my free time after homework is completed. I occasionally apparate home to see my family. I say occasionally because my father (a squib and Greek) is a bit too fond of the Firewhiskey for his own good and my Mother (a sorceress skilled in beauty and Japanese) passed several years ago from cancer. Nevertheless, I continue to uncover old spells and create new ones in her name. Growing up I was raised a crowded household. I learned from an early age that with having 5 sisters and 3 brothers, it takes courage to stand out. Though my father is a squib, not all my siblings and I are. My older brother Javon and my two younger sisters Imera and Nýchta, and I are all born with the gift of magic. I was born in Greece, but my family moved to Canada when I was 10 years old. While I attended Ilvermonry, I was sorted into Horned Serpent. 

Wand: Hazel Wood with a dragon core 13" and unbending flewibility

Patronus: Adder - Represents power, deterimination, and a free spirit

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