Grayson James Potter

I'm perfect as I need to be so SHUSH!

Hello I'm the son of Harry and Draco Potter. "I won't go quietly, I'm bringin' my crown....But now I'm done runnin', got another thing comin' Watch my enemies."

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*Grabs journal while sitting on bed*

       Hello I'm Grayson James Lucius Potter, it's a pleasure to meet you all. I was fit for both house meaning Slytherin and Gryffindor due to the hat not being able to decide for me but I decided Gryffindor like my dad. My other dad wasn't surprised since I was more how'd he put it "Like dad more than him only when it came into certain situations then I'm more like him." *chuckles a little bit* I don't know if I'll make any friends this year due to me being an introvert as I don't like to talk that much. Which my father Draco says and I quote "I never lever the house at all or my room for that matter." *roles eyes a bit* even though he doesn't know that dad grounds me whenever I sneak back into the house. I will start to introduce myself now, but I'll do it later since I have to get back to class now with my parents as they're here teaching this year one for Potions and the other D.A.D.A so this will be a fun year for me."

*grabs journal and writes date while placing them underneath the floor boards before leaving to go to class with dad*


About me-

Birthday- May 21st [That's all your getting!]


Patonus- Elk [Deer with horns basically]

Boggart- Losing my fathers 

Mirror of Erised- meeting people who my dad's talked about/ or being a prefect or quidditch captian.

Amortentia-Oak Wood, Maple, pine, animal fur, tea, and paper/ink


Rp with me!!! Don't be hesitant to ask I'm always up for it!

Fandom Rp!

Harry Potter

Stranger Things

Criminal Minds

Chronicles of Narnia

Until Dawn [Horror Game!]

First Kill

Muggle Rp!

Student x Teacher

Principal x Student

Forbidden Lovers 

Friends to Lovers

Enemies to Lovers

cop x mafia

Stalker x Yandere

Quiet girl x Popular cheerleader

Quiet boy x Popular [Baseball or Football] Player

Yandere x Innocent [girl or boy]


Forbidden Rp

Mother x Daughter

Father x Son

Mother x Son

Father x Daughter

Uncle x Niece

Aunt x Niece 

Uncle x Nephew

Aunt x Nephew

[Adult] Next door neighbor x daughter

[Adult] Next door neighbor x son

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