Astrid Ava-Grace Weasley

Mommy Mommy Look at me!

I'm Ginny's younger sister and the baby of the Weasley's so please be gentle wif me *messes with fingers underneath long sleeves* Online: Yes 🦋🦋 [I'm 20 FYI!]

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Hi It’s Astrid Ava-Grace Weasley here and I’m the baby of the Weasley family! More or less I’m the second daughter of them after my Older sister Ginny!



About me!

Arranged Marriage Cedric Diggory 

Name: Astrid Ava-Grace Weasley

Age: 20

Birthday: 23 July 2002


My pets that I own!


White one is named Draco [He’s my friend in Secret!!] Brown one is named Fred [After my big brother!!]


Pygmy Puff 

Named: Cedric



Named: Anniebell


Quidditch Player- Beater [For Rp Only]

Year 4th year [Only for Rp us! Please and Thank you!!]

Boggart-  Being Alone

Mirror of Erised- Being with my boyfriend/husband Cedric

Patronus- Bumblebee

Amortentia- SugarWater, Paper/Ink, Dandelions, Cherries, mint toothpaste, Grass



Oc’s for Rp- [I only do Female, never male so FxM or FxF but I’m Female!]


Name: Lily Harrington

Age: 18


Name: Jackie Manson

Age: 21

Name: Anniebell



Monica Bell

Age: 28


Ships For Harry Potter








Fandom and Muggle Rp’s I can do!



🍯 Stranger Things

🍯 Criminal Minds

🍯 Harry Potter

🍯 Chronicles of Narnia



🍯 Student x Teacher

🍯 Principal x Student

🍯 Friends to Lovers

🍯 Enemies to Lovers

🍯 Criminal x Cop

🍯 Stalker x Yandere

🍯 Forbidden Love [Love Trope]

🍯 Mafia x Serial Killer


Forbidden Rp!

🍯 Mother x Daughter

🍯 Aunt x Niece

🍯 Brother x Sister

🍯 Sister x Sister

🍯 Mother x Son

🍯 Uncle x Niece



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