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NO ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS WITH OC's (Yes, Bucky is single and he will stay single. System behind the account is married and 29 years old.)

No romantic rp (We do have a wife IRL and it feels weird. Also we are 29 and having a romantic rp with probably a minor feels wrong.)

No smut (Way too dangerous on that website with minors)

Warning: Very strict roleplay outlines and rules.

Outlines for a roleplay:
We are no fluff writers, so expect drama/ dark/ sad rps with us. We have no triggers and we can write about everything in detail Please tell us your limits (Hard and soft) (Hard: No mention at all Soft: can be mentioned but not in detail)

Mostly only MCU (Can also be AU but with MCU characters, like a zombie apocalypse or a Harry Potter AU but with MCU characters) but if you have an intriguing proposal we might be interested in.

No Mary Sue OCs


(If we hear one more tragic backstory of an orphan that got adopted by *insert Avenger* and then reveals dark past, god-like powers blah blah blah) Please make your characters interesting.

We would prefer to rp with canon characters, but good, interesting OCs are welcome.


RP Rules:


Past tense

Full sentences

No **

If we write a long starter, we want a long answer back. (Exareple: if we write like two and a half pages in docs with Times New Roman,12, we want min. 1 and a half back. There is no max. You can write ten pages if you want and we are okay with that.)

No one-sentence answers. Min. sentences as an answer are 10 to 20. There is no max.

If we do a long answer rp (long = multiple pages) then it might always take a bit of time to answer. For us and for you. Which we understand.
You do not control our character. Only we can do that, how he reacts to things and how he acts.


We know our rules and outlines seem strict but we know our worth as a roleplayer and we know that our writing is good. We prefer people who can keep up with it.


If you are asking yourself now what a good rp with us looks like and what we want please go to this one because this one is the best: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/posts/8090510/


If we don’t write back for days/weeks/months then we are sorry but it probably doesn’t have anything to do with you. If our answers seem off and not fitting into our own rules, we are sorry again. We are a system with OSDD-1b and sometimes a different alter fronts and wants to write too.

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