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Info about ME!

name: Arabella

patronus: black and white cat

house: hufflepuff


-playing video games



relative: Summer Campbell (sis)

blood status: half blood

Fave person: dobby, hermoine, Hagrid and most importantly.....meeeee!!!!!

backstory: I knew I would get my hog warts letter in the first place. But Once I got the hog warts letter, I was so happy anyway!! (Excuse the grammar and spelling I'm on an old phone and it just glitches) my sister had got the hog warts letter already but i didn't know what house I would be in. Summer Campbell my sister said I would be in slytherin , my dad said I would be in hufflepuff because he was in there and my mom said I would be gryffindor because I kept jumping on her bed.  
I rushed to diagon alley to buy my stuff and got to school just in time because I bumped into the platform and then tried again and ran in.  when I saw hagrid we immediately became friends. I love herbology, hufflepuff, hagrid, hermione... all h's! Hahahaha I hope we can be friends I love playing Roblox. 

And that's all!! Hope you follow me and friend me! So will I!

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