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I'm a gay stupid teen who loves Hogwarts. I'm Alexander I don't know what else to say tbh If you wanna be friends or smth that's my insta: Alex_15007

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I am a Slytherin the Sorting hat made a quick decision to be honest I'm coming from a Slytherin family and believe me when I say they're pretty strict about what house I was gonna be in and the funny in this story is that I didn't give a shit at first but my mother was very clear when she said "Don't disappoint me" well she's gonna be super disappointed when she finds out I'm gay! 

My favourite class is potions for sure and dada (defence against the dark arts) well and astronomy who doesn't love astronomy? 

But the classes I hate the most are charms and herbology I don't know why I just hate them! I'm doing well on flying even though I do almost nothing and that's because my mother since a young age made me learn how be on the broom... 

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a pureblood I mean kids who are not pureblood get better with their parents. 

I think that why I'm so weak at almost anything. And I can't even do what I want after I finish school I want to be an actor my mother wants me to be a professor at Hogwarts ... 

I have a guinea pig her name is Odette my mother didn't want me to have her as my pet but I bought her without her knowing, and I have to say that was the best thing I ever did and honestly she loves Hogwarts!!! 

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