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Hey, My name ist Jorja Jones and I am a first year student. The sorting hut sorted me into the loyal and friendly house Hufflepuff. My parents my big brother and my little sister are Wizards too. My dad was a Hufflepuff like me and now is training magical creatures. My mother was a Ravenclaw and become a healer. My sister isn´t in Hogwarts yet, but my brother was sorted into Griffendore.

After my birth, my parents thougth I would become a squid or in other words, can´t use magic, so i get bullied that I was a freak only because I couldn´t use magic, but that change on a normal saturday.

I allways stay friendly to my bully, and work hard to stay on the same level with my knowledge about magic. In this time I value my friends more like before. they stay loyal on my site, like i did and still do. 

In the Saturday, which change my life, I visit my dad at his work and help him to feed the creatures. As he have to help his friend with the dragons, he left my back by the nifflers. Right away I began to play with them and then one of them started to speak with me. Yes, I speak with a Niffler. I didn´t understood, that it means I am a wizard, so I only answer the Niffler and we began to chat. Then my dad comes back and as he saw it he was happy. I swear, that I could saw tears in his eyes, but also pride. He went to me and told me that I wasn´t a squid. I was a wizard.   

At home my mother also was crying for joy. From that day on my dad taken my often to his work, so I can speak with the creatures and learn to handle with them like a real magizoologist. I help everywhere I could and learned a better understanding of the fauna. 

That´s why, one of my favourite pasttime is care of magical creatures, that´s why I Immediately join a fantastic beasts club before my first day here in Hogwarts ends and also began to study with a friend from Slytherin to maybe become a magizoologist.

In the next time i´d like to join the Quiditch team of Hufflepuff (as the Seeker or a chaser) and adopt a little fantastic beast to speak with him or her and give it the time and love he/her needs. ;)     

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