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"Jus drein jus daun."

RolePlay: Yes! Welcome to my Page no Advertising please DON'T SPAM IN RP PLEASE WHEN YOU DO IT WITH ME IS ALL I ASK! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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"You are Wonkru or the Enemy of Wonkru Choose."



All You Need to Know about me





Love Potion:

Cinnamon Honey Caramel Apples

Mirror of Erised:




Banned or Not Allowed on My wall

[If an owl or private message me on my other social Media please!]

Ways to Contact me if the Site Quiets Working.






Hello and welcome to my page, please note I will not allow Advertising or Chain mail on my page if I see it will get automatically Deleted or you will be banned depending on how Nice I can be now let’s get on to my RULES FOR RP.



Read All of them please there very IMPORTANT!

No Spam!

No Ghost!

Don't tell me to fix my Sentences when I reply as I'm starting to get used to longer Sentences.

[Unless you’re leaving the site completely or you're just tired of it.]

No God Mod, Mary Sue or Gary Stue Please!

Have fun 

Don’t let me carry the weight of the action of the Rp.

PLEASE give some paragraphs when writing with me as I’m starting to get used to longer sentences so please give me something in return.

Also don’t barge in on other people’s rp that I do with on my wall if it will ever occur please it’s rude and I’ll call you out for it and put you on my ban list that I will have on my Backstory!



Now time for My Rp for Fandom and Muggle


Outer Banks


Criminal Minds

Harry Potter

Chronicles of Narnia 


Walking Dead

Until Dawn

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Witcher

The Last Kingdom

Also Some Anime just owl if you want to know the List



Student x Teacher 

Friends to Lovers 

Enemies to Lovers

Lovers to Enemies 

Next Door Neighbor x Daughter

Next Door Neighbor x Son

Sheriff x Criminal

Priest x Demon

Stalker x Youtuber

Forbidden Rp

Mother x Brother 

Mother x Sister

Mother x Son

Mother x Son

Father x Brother 

Father x Sister

Father x Son

Uncle x Niece

Uncle x Nephew 

Aunt x Niece 

Aunt x Nephew

Sister x Sister

Sister x Brother

Brother x Sister

Brother x Brother

Step Father x Son

Step Mother x Daughter

Step Father x Daughter

Step Mother x Son




I can also do MM FxM or FxM just let me know what you want.

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