Joshua Huggins

First Year Hogwarts Student

  • Joined May 2022
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 37 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Basic Information:

Full Name: Joshua Steven Huggins

Age: 11

Date of Birth: May 23

Gender: Genderfluid

Pronouns: Any

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Positions Currently or Previously Held: N/A

Occupation: Student

Magical Information:

Blood Status: Half-Blood


  • Wood: Pine

  • Core: Phoenix Feather

  • Length: 10 3/4 inches

  • Flexibility: Hard

Boggart: Their Own Corpse

Animagus Form: N/A

Patronus: N/A

Amortentia Scent: Fresh Parchment




Height: 4'9"

Skin Tone: Very Pale

Eye Colour: Blue/Green

Hair: Long, Wavy, Auburn Hair



Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favourite Classes:

  • Defence Against the Dark Arts

  • Charms

  • History of Magic

  • Potions

  • Transfiguration

Least Favourite Classes:

  • Herbology

  • Flying

  • Astronomy

Report Card:

Year 1:

Charms: In Progress

Transfiguration: In Progress

Defense Against the Dark Arts: In Progress

Potions: In Progress

Herbology: In Progress

Astronomy: In Progress

History of Magic: In Progress

Flying: In Progress

Year 2: N/A

Year 3: N/A

Year 4: N/A

Year 5 & OWLs: N/A

Year 6: N/A

Year 7 & NEWTs: N/A

Family & Other Relationships:




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