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"My body is my wand." - Elloryssa Ellorie' Kingsley


Elloryssa Kingsley, commonly known by her friends as 'Ellorie' or 'Ell', is a character set in the Harry Potter & Percy Jackson universe (I pushed the dates, of the HP universe so it could match with the PJO universe. So, Harry went to Hogwarts in 2007). She is a pureblood witch, directly blessed by Hecate.

She was introduced in The Goblet of Fire. So, she would be 13 years old, in her third/fourth year at the start of the story. Her Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw. She was born out of wedlock and lived in England with her father until age 7. Before, moving in with her mother in America until the age of 11. 

Then she returned back to England, with her father to study at Hogwarts. However every summer, she will return to America to stay with her mother. Both of her parents had gotten married when Ellorie was young and now she has two younger sisters, one from each side.



At the start of the story, Ellorie was kind of a mysterious person and a bit odd. But, she soon proved to be quite kind & empathetic. She had a lot of friends and liked to mingle with different houses. She was also honest and doesn't take shit from people. She can sometimes be a little cocky and acts like she knows better, but she only ever shows that side of her when people doubt her abilities. In all fairness, she's usually right. 

However, after the war, Ellorie became reclusive and due to her powers, slightly fearful of others. Depending on which route I decided to take, there was one where she even went as far as to seclude herself from everyone including her family for a whole year and a half. Soon after, she slowly regained her gregarious personality with the help of her lover but it wasn't to the extent she once was. She had also become quieter, than before.



Ellorie' starts off in the story, with shoulder-length black hair and teal highlights along with piercing blue eyes. She is fairly tall, light-skinned, with rosy cheeks with a helix piercing. The best feature she has is her beautiful blue eyes that usually have cute glasses on (she doesn't need them, it's purely for fashion purposes). Over the years, her hair gets progressively shorter as she really settled into more academia style outfits. She would often dress in any academia aesthetic style clothing depending on her mood. She would also occasionally add cottage core & royalty core into the mix. 



Overall she is a very powerful witch. She understands the existence of different deities and ancestors. She uses them to build a strong foundation for her magic. In some ways, you can call her a healer but instead of healing physical wounds, she is more focused on the emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of healing. She also heavily uses magic without a wand, since she prefers it that way. She heals the emotional pains and spiritual struggles of others with her crystals that contain magical properties. She could also heal others mentally and occasionally physically using herbal/flower potions.

She has great talent in Alchemy, combining science and magic is her favourite thing to do. Evolving herself in occult sciences. Expanding her mind to the infinite possibilities of the magical world created by the gods on earth. Which explains her interest in astrology and astronomy. Charting the movements of the stars and planets. The perusal of fates woven within the cosmos while sensing the energy and vibes of the world around her. Her high affinity for emotions led her to be one of the best empathetic witches of her age. With a single touch, she could feel the emotions residing in a person. 

But it doesn't stop there, with her gained knowledge and divine blessings she could even feel the emotions you had felt in the past and will feel in the future. Meaning she involves herself in divination, although she prefers to avoid it if possible. She would use either tarot cards, or just simple 'palm reading'. She avoids using highly accurate & precise to the point divination since it drains her mentally & partly physically. She often just does some vaguely semi-accurate predictions way into the future.



At Hogwarts, her best friends are Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley. They became friends in the first year of Hogwarts. She shares a dorm with Luna Lovegood since she is a Ravenclaw. She has great relations with Harry Potter because they often meet a lot, and Ellorie gives him advice in life as well as reads his astrology and tarots. People she doesn't get along with at Hogwarts include Professor Snape, Pansy, or any mean students regardless of the house. She also dislikes Dumbledore. Her frenemy is Draco Malfoy. They were childhood friends until she moves to America, and he started to become a jerk. She is friendly with all the paintings and ghosts at Hogwarts. 

Most professors at Hogwarts like her due to her great grades. She has a pen pal, schooling in Uagadou that secretly sends copies of textbooks & recorded lessons. In America, she has a childhood friend named Arcacia who is a green witch that Ellorie became business partners with for the flower shop. She has multiple friends from different houses and demigods (Hecate and Hephaestus Cabin). She is very close with Nico di Angelo and is often seen worrying about his health. She likes to make potions designed with him in mind to help him out. She has a good relationship with her pureblood mother (Lilian Armstrong) and muggle step-dad (Keith Armstrong) as well as her pureblood stepmother (Miranda Kingsley) and her two half-siblings (Hani Kingsley & Maya Armstrong).

Her relationship with her pureblood father (Charles Kingsley) was a little strained at first but it got better. However, Ellorie does dislike, the Kingsley household. Although, they are better than most stuck-up pureblood families. She doesn't feel comfortable being around them due to their difference in views nor do they feel comfortable with her, being a child of wedlock after all. Depending on which route, she will end up dating different people. Her possible love interest is Harry Potter, Nico di Angelo (unlikely, since I ship him with Will Solace), Draco Malfoy & Circe Biggs (another oc, which I prefer her to be with)


Hobbies & Favorites

Ellorie's hobbies, (some are work-related) consist of reading, listening to music while dancing, potions & alchemy experiments, studying & practising magic, going to the gym, training in weaponry, star gazing, sketching/art and divination.

A list of her favourite things.

- Guns as weapons

- Journalling & Letters

- Teas (by one of her suppliers, a local wizard family-owned shop)

- Astronomy & Alchemy. 

- Third is Potions (despite Snape),

- Fourth is Herbology (on & off)

- Honorable Mention is Transfiguration

- Least favourite is History & Divination (x up to standards)

- Butterbeer (in latte/frappe form)

- Astronomy Tower

- Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

- Autumn/ Fall

- Non-magical Flora

- Sketch croquis drawing on her notes

- Flower Language



-She was born on 2nd March 1997

-Speaks 4 languages. (English, Japanese, Greek/Latin & Swahili) with two accents American & British

-She doesn't have a wand, only a fake one craved using normal wood that she uses only used to stir.

-Wanted to attend Uagandou but her mother promised her father, that she had to go to Hogwarts. 

-Homeschooling muggle subjects every summer to apply to a muggle university after Hogwarts, wants to be a certified therapist and/or psychiatrist.

-Her stepfather had a demigod sibling and taught her how to fight, got in touch with the divine because of him, and now has a few blessings from a few gods (not just greek)

-She has her own flower shop in America called Back To Roots™ (It opens all year, takes care of it in summer & hires others for the rest) She also lives above her store, she owns that whole building

-Her family in America owns a metaphysical shop called the Hekate Brew™, regular customers (muggle or not) from them will also come to her store for readings, assigned crystals, potions & flowers

-The Kingsleys are one of the most powerful pureblood houses in the British society higher than the Malfoys, they are always on a neutral standpoint

-Her mother's side, similar to her father is also of famous status in American society. A family that is proficient in divination.

-If you can't tell already, she is loaded with money (dollars, sickles & drachmas

-She is what mortals would call an Eclectic Witch

-Her shop as well as her family's shop, both have enchanted signs, so when a demigod lay their eyes on it, the words will shift into 'A Pit Stop Here.

-The store acts as a resting place for demigods, cause it's monster-proof & sells magic survival kits, designed for demigods, that they could buy with drachmas

-Ellorie's muggle flower shop with a simple wave of her hand, could switch into being a greenhouse of magical plants. (used mainly by her partner

-At the back of her store, from a muggle point of view, seems to be a small book area with some shelves full of crystals. Often brings muggles here to do their tarot readings with assigned crystals

-From a wizard/witch point of view, those books are actually potions, that she's experimenting/selling (tho some are actual books

-Her (fake) wand is magically induced with self-repair & self-return. Since it will always end up in terrible condition or lost

-Her sexuality is undefined and identified as female, however, feel free to use any pronouns you like

-Ellorie's store also works as a potion shop (not certified/legal to call it tho

-Ellorie has a Totoro plushie possibly when her partner won during their date

-She has a pet Siamese cat, whose name is Malo and her Patronus is an Occamy



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