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Name: Ophelia Moon Alumawood

Age: 13 

House: Slytherin, First year 

Zodiac Sign: Gemini 

Personality: Nice, loving, caring, ambitious, creative, optimistic, Social Butterfly, sarcastic(Just a little bit), Dad Jokes(if you can't handle them then to bad jk) and generous 


Mum - Jenivone Alumawood, Dad - Marl Alumawood, Oldest sister - Jane Elinor(7th year), 2nd oldest - Lexi Mae(6th year),  3rd oldest - Rome Alumawood(5th year), Middle child - Hadley Luna Alumawood(3rd year), Second youngest - River Lee(2nd year), and finally me AKA Ophelia ( first year). 

Best friends from  home: Clara Vienx, Allie Godricson, Spencer Lucroutios, and Astrid Collymore

An enemy from home: Brittany Mccoy 

Likes: Studying sometimes, drawing for fun, singing is something I love to do in my free time, my sibling unless someone AKA River tries to prank me with his prank box from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, me(It's called self-love, unlike some people we know...), My wand because it is just sooo cool. 

Dislikes: People being rude, me being impatient, Midterms😭, Homework and stuff if its boring or hard, people who don't listen to me while I'm talking and just jump over me like I'm nothing, River's pranks AKA my brother. 

Back story ~ 

Ophelia Moon Alumawood was born and raised in a family of loving purebloods, her parents were potion brewers and made a living out of potions for anything e.g curing people, food or mysterious things, Ophelia had 6 siblings including herself, they all attended Hogwarts and so did she just like them. She lived in a town called Drumyone Hallow, it wasn't a city or a suburb just a really mall town. Both her parents had gone to Hogwarts making it normal that her entire family would too, in her family, there have only been Slytherins with occasional Gryffindors, however, her brother Rome was the first Hufflepuff ever in her family, it was a shock but everyone was excited to see this new branch form. Ophelia's favourite place to go to in her town was in the forest to the wooden swing that nobody knows about only her, well her siblings knew, whenever she wasn't at home or in town she was there reading, looking at stuff on her phone or drawing something while relaxing on her swing. 

When Ophelia got into Hogwarts she was excited, she was extremely happy to be in Slytherin like her brother and sister, River Lee and Hadley Luna. She hasn't made many friends yet but she is very hopeful she will as she is a very sociable person. 

That's my background story for now :):):):) 

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