Name: Cassandra Laskaris-Byrne/ 1st year/ Pet: A cat named Cinder (short for Cinderella)/ Best class: Herbology and Potions/ Worst Class: flying

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Name: Cassandra Elisabeth Laskaris-Byrne

Birthplace: Monemvasías, Greece

Blood Status: Pureblood

Wand: Pear Wood with a Phoenix Core, 12 ½” and a Solid flexibility

Patronus: Hedgehog

Early Life: Cass was born into a pureblood family. Her mother, Konstantina Laskaris-Byrne (nee Laskaris) was born and raised in the romantic city of Monemvasías, Greece, where she met Cass’s father, Finn Byrne, who was visiting from Ireland on a vacation. While he was visiting they both discovered that they were both in their 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After graduating, Cass’s father moved into the family villa. Not too long after being married, they had their first child, a son. Soon following were two daughters, the elder of which was Cassandra. She grew up on the island surrounded by her siblings, cousins, and other family members. At a young age, she found a passion for both dance and gardening. Between ballet recitals, pointe classes, and helping her mum in the garden at home, her childhood was pretty carefree. When she was 10, turning 11 that fall, Hogwarts had planned on inviting her the following year, but there was an incident at one of her pointe classes that included a girl's freshly snapped ankle mending itself within seconds in front of the entire class, which was followed promptly by an invitation letter from Hogwarts.

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