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Please note this is not me, it's one of my OCs

I'm a girl who was sorted into Ravenclaw. It was a good choice, although part of me still wants to be in Slytherin. I was nearly placed there, you know? Probably why I can't stop thinking about being in that house. If I had done things a bit differently, I would probably be there now. Ravenclaw is a nice house, though I still need to make friends. No one really approches me, as I'm not the most social person probably. I'm also quite scary until you properly get to know me. It took the sorting hat around 5 minutes to decide where to put me, and those were the longest 5 minutes of my life. I was sweating, I just hope no one noticed. I normally stay awake till like 3am wondering if anyone noticed the embarrasing things I've done, and that was one of them. I love transfiguration, I seem to be pretty good at that. The fact that you can take something and change it into something completely different just fascinates me. I'm still trying to figure out the science behind that. I hate flying practice though. Don't get me wrong, I love flying (it feels so freeing), but I'm normally sleep deprived from pulling all-nighters every other night, and have fallen off my broom way too many times. I do well in charms, but kinda hate it. I mean it's useful, but boring to me. Incase you couldn't already tell, I'm a muggleborn, and I simply can't get used to some of the things wizards and witches do. Who uses a quill when you can use a pen?? I hate quills, they run out of ink so fast, so I've smuggled in some pens and am using them instead of the alternative. Also, why are they so reliant on magic? If you took away their wands, they would be useless. Half of them don't even know how to fight someone. If you need someone to beat up your enemy, you know who to call! *wink* I'm amazing at fighting, and a black belt in Karate (not that you know what that is). I'm not so good at controling my temper though, which is a bad combo. I honestly don't know what I want to do when I leave school, but I'm hoping to start a business of some sort. I'd hate to work for someone else, probably because I hate rules and being restricted in any way. I can't believe magic is real, it defies the laws of physics. Or maybe it's not and I'm dreaming...? Or in a coma...? Okay I'm rambling now, I need to stop doing that. Don't get me wrong, magic is useful, and it should really help me reach my goals in life. What do I really want in life? Friends. Friends who I can talk to about anything. Friends who will support me no matter what. Friends who I can have fun with, and have inside jokes with. Friends who would die for me, and I would die for them. I'm an only child, and I hate my parents. They're horrible. I do have a cat though, and she means the world to me. Her name is Ophelia (not based on the song. It's one of my faves though) and she's the sweetest cat you could ever meet. She sits on my lap whilst I'm reading, and loves cuddles. It takes a while to get her to trust you, a bit like me! And she isn't afraid to fight other cats who cross the line. 

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