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Hello and welcome to my page I'm Brayden Potter son of Draco and Harry Potter nice to meet you!! And for all those who come to my page I do Rp! ❤❤

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~Harry Potter


~Stranger Things

~Walking Dead

~Outer Banks

~Fear Street

~Criminal Minds 

And many more as I can’t think of any!

As for my rules for Rp I  only have three

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  • Please give me time to Respond okay it’s just not you I’m RolePlaying with

  • Let me know if you have any TRIGGERS! As I don’t want to make you uncomfy when RolePlaying with me!

  • Last one: Have FUN! It’s RolePlaying after all if you’d like to discuss before, during or after the Rp ends go for it I’m not Stopping you!

  • </ol>

    I will have a link to My Oc’s Soon!




    Hello my name is Brayden and my father and daddy are really famous as they’re both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, as I’m very happy to be a part of an amazing family. I really appreciated having very accepting parents that they’re happy to have a son in the house of Slytherin. Also I am also a metamorphmagus and animagus which means I can change my appearance and also shift into a different animal! Which let me tell you, being an animagus is really hard as you have half to do it for a really long time but it’s all worth it in the end depending on what you get! As for my classes, well, let’s save that for another time. Oh look I’ve got something to do so if there’s anything you’d like to Discuss my owls are open, and also I do Rp so if you’d like to!



    Favorite Aesthetics 



    Alrighty Folks! This is my Animagus form and it’s a German Shepard!

    As for My Patronus, it's a cute little bee!

    And funny enough as my Animagus is a German Shepard I do own a puppy which is adorable and which I have permission from my fathers to bring him as well as Dumbledore 

    Dexter is his name



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