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We are a shared account of the Clemintine System and Blurryface System

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Hello! I am Tubbo and I'm a fictive.

Name: Tubbo_(Technically _Innit-Beloved but whatever >:(-Tommy)

Age: 18

Status: Taken by(married to*-Tommy) 2 people in our (clemintine) system, Tommyinnit and Ranboo Beloved

Pronouns: He/Bee

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Mlm/nb


Kid(s): Micheal(3) Shroud(5)


Ayup, I am Tommyinnit and I am a fictive of the Clemintine system.

Name: Tommy Careful Danger Kraken Innit-Beloved_ (Yes that is my full name)

Age: 18

Status: Married to Tubbo_Innit-Beloved and Ranboo Beloved-Innit_

Pronouns: He/Disc

Gender: Cis Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Extra: Elliott-Sage regards me as a close friend so HA

Kid(s): Shroud(5) Micheal(3)

Blurryface System

Hi, I'm Kyra, Cohost and Caretaker of the Blurryface System

name: Kyra

age: 18-28

status: single

pronouns: she/they

gender: female

sexuality: lesbian

name: Asra

age: 15-17

status: single pringle

 pronouns: any neos

gender: no

sexuality: I like girls, will date guys so Omni I guess

extra: I'm a succubus

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