>I wear noise blocking headphones constantly. They have a dial that I can turn up/down to turn on/off and increase/decrease the volume of sounds around me<

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---- Robin 'Robbie' Christiansen

---- Dec 13

---- 18

---- Trans male

---- He/Him or They/Them

---- Muggle-Born

---- Bisexual, demiromantic

---- Single

---- Scottish/Ukrainian/(Norwegian?)

---- 5'9, slightly tan, 'all legs', shaggy brown hair, skinny build, wide-ish hips, thin, rounded lips, freckled nose, blue-grey eyes, bushy eyebrows, noticeable Adam's apple




-My rules-

> Try not to start with one or two sentences

> Please refrain from using asterisks (*) when rping with me


>> I cannot stress how much not capitalizing 'I' and the beginning of sentences bothers me ;^;

> If you ask me to rp, I also ask that you not insist for me to start it. It's your rp :<

> No controlling my character/saying what they do

> If you want to stop the rp or change it up, just say so!! I promise I won't bite you :)

> I REFUSE to do mature rps with underage peeps

> Please tell me any triggers you have<333

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