Aria Bellotti

Perfect Student

Aria is a bright, intelligent and very curious young woman. With her friends, she is very attentive and staunch.

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  • France


One spring night, when the birds had barely stopped singing and the warm summer breeze was already beginning to arrive, a powerful cry interrupted a peaceful family life to forever change the future of a little girl. There, in front of a woman dressed in a dressing gown, was a cup that seemed to levitate, as if by magic. The husband, worried by the unusual scream of his wife, immediately ran into the dining room to observe the same phenomenon with horror. Despite the state of the situation, only one seemed to laugh at it and it was Aria, barely one year old, who had just sent the object flying in a fit of anger. Broccoli obviously didn't please him in the least. Worried, however, the parents slept their daughter like every night in her room and her cozy little bed. The next day, the joyful baby tried to catch his teddy bear at his side, which seemed to have disappeared. The cold morning air and the dew on her little cheeks didn't make her realize. At that age, we ignore everything, and particularly the fact that the parents had just abandoned their own daughter in front of an orphanage. This abandonment had surely been justified by the fear and anguish that powers, that mere Muggles could not understand and foresee, would come to overthrow or endanger their own lives.

In front of this orphanage, a young woman who worked there then leaned over the little cocoon created by the wicker basket in which Aria had been placed to notice that the little piece of cabbage had, instead of her teddy bear that she obviously hadn't managed to find a letter chewed up and wet with drool. Upon opening it, the guardian of the orphanage was forced to realize that this little baby in front of her had been abandoned to her sad fate without anyone even knowing why. With infinite delicacy, she retrieved the doll to bring it warm, inside this establishment with bricks that were so dull and cold in appearance.

During her childhood, Aria had always shown herself to be very bright in mental and intellectual pursuits that required no teamwork. The little girl was very isolated from other children, lonely and introverted. She was not fulfilled in this establishment and dreamed of knowing or seeing her parents at least once. Eight-year-old and with an innocence perfectly matching her youth, Aria ran away from her orphanage to roam the town of her birth while pushing worried little "dads" and "moms." It was only an hour later that the police brought the little girl back, who was severely punished by the supervisors of her boarding school. Luckily for her, the Director of this orphanage had a soft spot for Aria and even helped her search for her family for several years. It was not until she was 10 that the little girl approached a noble house surrounded by a large garden with toys lying on the ground to see, through a window, a man and a woman with a little boy. 4 year old laughing and having fun with toys. Her heart slowly broke upon noticing that she had been replaced and she sadly returned to the orphanage. That same evening, Aria was inconsolable.

But while life hadn't been kind to her so far, she received a letter from Hogwarts on her eleventh birthday. Gathering her courage in both hands, she took several months to prepare, to buy the necessary supplies and hastened, on September 1, to embark on the Hogwarts Express for new adventures which, she hoped, would lead her to the happiness that she seemed so deserving. When she arrived, she was immediately welcomed, discovering with wonder a world that had not been hers until now.

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