Emmeline Bloom


It says I'm in Gryffindor but I'm actually a Hufflepuff. So ignore that.... But Hi I'm Emmeline or Emmie if that's easier, I like brownies, tea and reading :)

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  • Member of Gryffindor
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A pureblood witch and wizard, were nowhere to be found, vanishing into thin air as if they never exsisted at all. The only thing showing the world that they exsisted was Emmeline. Although being placed in the care of muggles, she has always kept her family's last name, Bloom. She never knew her family or had any idea of her lineage. As she was living the muggle lifestyle for so long, Emmeline didn't know she was a witch, so it came quite a shock to her when she recieved her hogwarts letter. 

When she arrived at hogwarts, her whole life changed. She became aware of how little she knew about her family and her blood status. She never believed in thinking people were better just because of their status. Her boggart is herself being alone She grew up in a household that loved and protected her from the cruelty of the world. They viewed her as their own daughter and raised her as such.

HiH Summary

  • House: Gryffindor

  • Nationality: British

  • Blood Status: Pureblood

  • Animagus: Black Panther

  • Patronus: Black Panther

  • Wand: English Oak Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, 12 3/4 ", Supple Flexability        

  • Quidditch Position: Seeker

  • Amortentia: Tea, New Book Smell, Brownies

  • Pets: Scribble (Rat), Owen (Owl) 

  • Boggart: Herself being alone

  • Mirror of Erised: Her birth parents

  • Favorite Classes: Herbology, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures

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