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we're your car insurance company

we all single dont worry :D lol jk just wanna be friends with you guys

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Corie Fin

Pronouns : She/her

Nicknames: Core (anyone- once I know you), Fins (Mike), CoCo (Momo/Mocha)- please give me more!

Relationship Status : Single

Sexuality : Straight

Likes : Tea, Photography, LGBTQ+ Community

Dislikes: Coffee

Position : Switch

Mocha Takura

Pronouns : She/her

Nicknames: Mimi (anyone!), Momo (Coco/Corie), Taku (Mike), Kura (Able), Taki (Ying)

Relationship Status : Single

Sexuality : Pansexual

Likes : Books, sweaters, Gir in red, and friends, Mocha (the actual thing) \( ̄︶ ̄*\), LGBTQ+

Dislikes : people who take advantage of things

Position : bottom

Michael / Mike Smith

Pronouns : He/They

Nicknames: Smith (anyone as long as I know you), Mikey (anyone), Kite (Mocha),

Sexualtiy : Bisexual and Poly [0/3]

Likes : Hugs, Chocolate Milk, LGBTQ+ community

Dislikes : the flavor Green Tea

Position : Switch

Dae Park

Pronouns : He/Him

Nicknames: Park (anyone)

Sexuality : Pansexual Poly [0/2]

Likes : You (jk- or really?), Green Tea

Dislikes : Nothing

Position : Top Baby

Able Kota

Pronouns : He/Him

Nicknames: Kota (anyone)- uhm if you want give me more

Relationship Status : Single

Sexuality : Straight- I think- but I definatly feel straight

Likes: Listening to Music, Being Alone, Friends, Nicknames

Dislikes : Being Social, Tea, Combing Hair

Postion : Switch (depends on person)

More People are coming they are just in a different time zone (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

Hello! we also do RPs if you want to Roleplay with us!

Tourture during rp backstory is fine

credits to •ophelia•
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