Leonardo Weasley


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Name: Leonardo James Weasley

Age: 17 years

Year: 7th

House: Slytherin

Birthdate: December 3rd

Looks: Pale blond hair, Blure/green eyes, Pale skin

Traits: Snappy, Selfish, Smart

Parents: Percy and Audrey Weasley

Siblings: Nina and Josie

Wand: Ash wood, unicorn hair core, 12.5 centimeters

Patronus: Fox

Amortentia: Mud, Smoke

Boggart: Snakes

Animagus: Fox

Special Ability(ies): Legilimens, Occlumens

Career Choice: Auror

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Pet(s): Robin (black cat)

Mirror of Erised: A special someone

Quidditch Position: Seeker

Quidditch Team: Ballycastle Bats

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