inter arma fratres.

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she/her pls

down to RP, just shoot me a message :)

backstory is a WIP...
RPs I do: Hogwarts, Star Wars, Marvel, Percy Jackson, Criminal Minds

Info that applies to all OCs:
Name: Athens
Age: 17
Eye colour: Blue
Hair: Short brown mullet
Nationality: British

Hogwarts OC-
House: Ravenclaw
Hobbies: Duelling, Quidditch
Pet/s: Black cat named Shadow

Star Wars OC-
Occupation: Death trooper turned Resistance fighter
Ship: Modified X-Wing, with extra cargo and passenger space
Weapon of choice: Stolen E11 blaster, dark blue lightsaber
Backstory: Born to farmers on the small planet of Tattoine, Athens spent most of her childhood working as a farm hand for her mother and father, before being "selected" and abducted for Death trooper training on the planet of Scarif by senior Imperial officers. She was one of the only females in her graduating class from the Death trooper training camp. After serving the Galactic Empire for nearly five years, Athens gained excellent pilot skills as well as becoming skilled at unarmed and armed combat. However, due to reasons that she finds painful to disclose, Athens had no choice but to abdicate the Empire and go on the run for a short period, before joining the ranks of the Rebel Alliance as an X-Wing pilot. 

Marvel OC-
Affiliation: HYDRA turned SHIELD
Powers: Raised in Winter Soldier program, metal arm

Percy Jackson OC-
Godly parent: Athena
Weapon of choice: Celestial bronze sword, shield with a Manticore embossed into it
Backstory: Originally hailing from England, Athens spends her Summers attending Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, NY. As one of the older campers in her cabin, she holds the rank of cabin counsellor, and tries in every way to prove herself worthy to all those around her. She was named after the city in which her father met her mother. In her free time, Athens enjoys playing rugby or practicing her sword skills and close combat skills. 

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