Arcase Linengail


Hello I'm Arcase Linengail, I'm 22, not very chatty but I try. Small talk isn't my Forte, if you want a description look at my profile picture

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Arcase Brunswick Linengail is the full name given at birth, he is very aloof due to Traumatic occurrences in ones past. He grew up relatively quickly as a result of it. He isn't much for social gatherings and keeps to himself. He is very athletic and driven when it come to protecting those close to him, if there are any really left in that category. His emotions range from Despondent apathetic muted to sudden moments of peace and happiness. He definitely won't be the one to start the conversations all the time.


Dragon heart string


Ebony black 

Slightly Bendy

Patronus: Snowy Owl

Pet: Eagle Owl 

Name: Titus

He is tawny and black and has quite the personality on him which makes up for Arcase's lack of wanting to socialize. He has a wing span of 180cm

Broom type: Firebolt 

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