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Hey! I'm Alice, pleasure to meet you!

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Hey, this is Alice, or Ali.

I got my name from my mother, who loves Alice in wonderland. My father wanted to name me Allison, but my mother insisted on Alice. As a kid, I grew up in a pretty underwhelming neighborhood, and my parents didn't even tell me they were wizards until I was seven, and told me I couldn't tell anyone. I went to human school for awhile, but it never really interested me, I always felt like I could do so much more than algebra, y'know? I loved Language, but everything else I just kind of payed no attention to. Because of my habit of staring into space, I got the nickname "Alice in wonderland," and when I stared off, people would say I was "In Wonderland." I never really minded it. A few days after my birthday, I recieved an envelope I had been expecting for 4 years. You guessed it! My Hogwarts acceptance letter. When I arrived at Hogwarts, I immediately understood why so many people loved it there. I was sorted into Ravenclaw almost immediately, and made friends with almost everyone I met. I enjoyed Transfiguration and Potions the most, and had the least fun in HOM. My first school year passed by in a blur, and the next thing I knew, I was starting my next year at Hogwarts! When I walked into my first class, DADA, I realised I didn't know anyone there. It was that moment I realized I had been moved up a year! I had done so well on the last years exams, the Headmaster decided to move me up. Right now, I am a happy, excited, and an always in wonderland girl, Alice. 

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