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Student, Gryffindor Assistant House rep.

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  • India


Hey Guys!

I am Cynthia... As of now, I am a first year. I love reading books. People go as far to tell me that i am Book Obsessed. I dont really have many friends right now and really hope i will soon... I am in Ravenclaw. I am Muggle-born. I would love it if you wanted to be my friend...

I have started doing roleplays... First of all, I am 13 years old, so please post according to that. I am not interested in mature stuff. I will be posting on my wall, if anyone wants to join they are free to. I might take a day or two to reply but i will try to do it ASAP.

Thanks and Byeeee...

  • Wand= Black Walnut, Unicorn hair core, 14 1/2 '', Unyielding.

  • Patronus= Nebelung Cat

  • House= Ravenclaw

  • Favourite song= Believer

  • Favourite subjects= Astronomy, Charms, DADA.

  • Future job= Auror /Unspeakable (Dep. of Mysteries)

Edit as of 10/4/22 -Due to real life, I am going permanantly inactive, sorry to all those who messaged me, or etc etc. I was honestly very excited for HiH, but like I said, I dont have much free time on hands, for a full-fledged HiH account.

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