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Character Infromation 

Place of Birth- Manchester, england

Blood status- halfblood

pronouns- She/they

zodiac sign- Virgo 

personality type: INFJ 1w9

Date of Birth- August 28, 2001

Sexuality- lesbian

Looks- 5' 7", mixed Black and white, green eyes, wears a hijab

Style- cottagecore aesthetic, hijab, wears eyeliner most days

personality- intelligent, hard-working, ambitious, kind, organized, persuasive, thoughtful, wise, exteremly cunning

- oak wood and ragon heartstring, 12 inches

Pet- brown cat named Ophie, short for Ophelia 

Patronus- swan

Animagus- rabbit

boggart- being disliked

Amorentia- honey, flowers, old parchment, tea

Mirror of erised- love

Quidditch- I just watch

Likes- sunny days, blooming flowers, cats, cattages, herbology

Dislikes- rude people, loudness, being excessive, closemindedness 

Hobbies- I love to graden, read, write, and sing


I was born in Manchester, England to the Malfoy family and was raised by my two amazing parents. My mother, Kaya Malfoy, was raised muslim so she raised me the same. My father, Draco Malfoy, has taught me how to be strong, independant, and quick-witted, just like he has come to be. Sure maybe he was a prick when he was at school, but he has become a much better person and an amazing father. I got my letter from Hogwarts at the age of 11 and was absolutely thrilled, I finally got to learn magic. While I was at Hogwarts I met my three best friends, Arron Riddle, Finn Suzuki, and Henry Dursley. I've been told many times I'm the "Remus Lupin" of our group, and from what I've heard of the man, I happily accept that title. 


RP info

-I prefer 3rd person pov but 1st is ok

-please respond in over 3 sentences and use correct grammar. 

-please do not ask to do a mxf romance rp, as stated above I am a lesbian so I only do fxf romance rps

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