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♥The Older twin of Moriganna Halliwell♥ ღKnowledge Seeker ღ Book Loverღ ★Ravenclaw ★ Charms Enthusiast★

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I was the first born of two twin girls born in Bibury, England on October 13th from two muggle parents Agatha and Thomas Halliwell. Up until the day I had recieved my acceptance letter to Hogwarts our family hadn’t really known much about magic and the hidden world kept from muggles like my parents. I myself had found a journal on a park bench one day filled with all sorts of information on witchcraft and Hogwarts. This is where the intense urge to learn more began. 


Growing up my sister, Moriganna and I were as close as two siblings could be but when I started noticing strange things happening I tried my best to hide it from my parents… and my sister. Things tended to get out of hand sometimes. My sister and I were home alone one day when a book on my shelf started to shake. My sister freaked out but it wasn’t until a vine started growing from the pages of the book that she knew something was very off. That was the day she told me she had experienced strange things happening as well. This was the day I shared my knowledge of the wizarding world to her and everything I knew about what we were never told. 


The day I received my Hogwarts letter the air felt different. I was sitting in my room reading like usual when every book from my shelf shook and fell to the floor. I hadn’t thought anything of it until I heard tapping on the window. The moment I turned to look around I saw a white owl holding an envelope with a red wax seal. I opened the window and slowly took the letter from the owl and looked at the seal to see that it was sent from Hogwarts. The owl quickly flew off as I ripped open the letter with excitement and read it out loud. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. All the mysterious things happening that I had a feeling would lead to this didn’t sink in until I received that letter. 

I ran downstairs to tell my parents and my sister to find out she had received a letter as well. I don’t know what made me happier.... Knowing I was a witch accepted at Hogwarts or that my sister and best friend would be going with me the same year! My parents didn’t really understand my excitement but they wished us luck on our studies and planned a trip to london for school shopping. Since we were Muggle born our parents were allowed and required to go shopping with us. It wasn’t an easy task for them but they understood shortly after we got into Diagon Alley why my sister and I were so excited. This was like a whole new world to all of us… and they were happy just being able to share the leap with us.

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