-ˋ,Aditi Kapoorˎˊ-

╭──╯ . I am a proud Indian. ╰──╮

I am here to make new friends…. Pls don't dare discriminate my religion or anyone's religion as I will be really pissed off

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⇢ ˗ˏˋ Aditi Kapoor ࿐ྂ

all about me
→ libra/ october 19
→ loves painting
→ single (lookin' for love)
→ nope
→loves nailpolish and baking
→ tiktok, k-pop for life <3
→ straight

all about my friends
→ Selena (my cute little LINA)
→ Alexandria (my cute little brat)
→Jiya, Jalsa, Hira, Medha, Deekshanya, Nihaya (my cute friends)
→ Srikanth Kapoor my brother
→ Ankita Kapoor my sister
→ Anushka Kapoor my mom (R.I.P) <3
→ Varun Kapoor my dad...(R.I.P) <3
→ If you want you are free to ask me questions about my personal life and about my family...
→ feel free to give me nicknames too...
→ Fc- Jennie Kim

creds to my friend for the codes for the inventing the backstory background thingy creds goes to IDK <3

RULES (scroll)

⚔︎Pls don't slang my wall 
⚔︎If you want to be friends with me then pls follow me and then I will too follow you! 
⚔︎If I have asked you to be my friend and if it is a no then it's k.. 
⚔︎If you try to hurt my friends then I won't spare you.. 
⚔︎No hatred
⚔︎If I have been involved in a fight and it's just between you and me then pls let's continue it via owls.. 
⚔︎I am not very much online so pls cooperate if I don't answer to your comments… 
⚔︎I am an Indian so pls don't discriminate my religion or any other religion for that matter.. 
⚔︎I hate fake friends… 
⚔︎I hate ppl who pretend to be real famous ppl/ celebrities… 
⚔︎If you are my friend then I will always
be a best friend to you...

Aditi Bhatt Kapoor
→libra/ october 19th
→single (looking for love)
→dog & cats
→Jiya, Hira, Medha, Jalsa, Deekshanya, Nihaya and Akshitha for being my besties (IRL)

→Srikanth kapoor my brother

→Anushka kapoor my sister
→credit to IDK( my enemy) for making this backstory


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