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it's weird when the sorting hat took time to decide your house even though u came from a pure-blooded Ravenclaw family. For centuries every member of my family has been sorted into Ravenclaw where intelligence is the main feature. Since my grandmother (my mother's side) was a Slytherin coming from a pure-blooded Ravenclaw family though she worked for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named when she was young. Nobody knew why she worked for him and until this day we never found out because she disappeared since he died (You-Know-Who).

since then my family considers the Slytherin house as a bad omen. Years have passed and my mother and father were sorted into Ravenclaw and then came my older brother who is the prefect of the Ravenclaw house.

until the disaster happened... Me. The second person in my family's history to be in Slytherin. I can't describe how disappointed my family was. How our relatives started sending their mornings... They were always proud of my brother and not me. This is my first year at Hogwarts school and I'm going to prove to my family how great I'm as a slytherin. 




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