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If you mess with me or my friends, my pet crow, Mort, will come after you and drag you to the shadow realm.

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(credit to Kim Evans for aesthetic)

 Privet, my name is Echo Morozov. Here's a bit about me.

Name: Echo Nadia Morozov

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Russian

Zodiac Sign - Leo

Patronus - Dolphin

Wand - Dogwood, unicorn hair core, 12 1/2 inches, sturdy

Pet: Crow named Mort.

Aesthetic: Dark Academia

Friend(s): Ava Nightshade

Birth) When I was born on December 11th, my cries echoed off the walls of the hospital, so my mother named me Echo.

(Family) I have three siblings, named Sergei, Aksana, and Alek. Aksana and Alek are twins. They both have mother's black hair and round face, and father's gray eyes and pale skin.  Sergei is the eldest. He looks like me, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a heart shaped face. My mother is a short, stocky woman, someone you wouldn't want to get into a fight with. My father is a tall, thin man. He's the opposite of my mom, since he's easier on us.

(Backstory) When I was eight, my family moved to London. My mother and father had both gone to Koldovstoretz, the wizarding school in Russia. My mother thought Koldovstoretz was an amazing school, and planned to send us, Squib or not. But my dad got a job offer in London, so my mother (reluctantly) permitted us to move to London. London's okay, but I prefer Russia. 

(The Sorting) I got my Hogwarts letter at age 11. Sergei was 13 at the time, and already accepted at Hogwarts. Aksana and Alek were 9. When I arrived, I was overwhelmed. I was a hatstall as well. The hat couldn't decide between Slytherin or Ravenclaw. In the end, it decided on Ravenclaw.


Irl me

No, I’m not a Russian irl.

Name: Ollie

Hobbies: reading ~ drawing ~ baking ~ listening to music ~ playing the ukulele ~ daydreaming ~singing

Likes: rainy days, music, books, tea, hanging out with friends, bookstores, chili dogs, hot wings

Dislikes: sunburns, people interrupting me, having a stuffy nose, being ignored

I work for Kim Evans at Buddy Aesthetics Inc.


Favorite movie: A Quiet Place

Favorite show: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Favorite book: All the Bright Places

Favorite song: Sweet But Psycho by Ava Maxx

OCs (work in progress)

Wall rules: 

~No spam

~No swearing

~No bullying (of any kind)

~Try to limit advertising. If you want to make an aesthetic for me, that's okay, but please don't ask me to follow you if you make me an aesthetic. I only follow certain people.

RP Rules:

~Keep it PG, I’m using HiH on a school laptop

~No swearing

~I’m not a huge fan of romance RPs

~Don’t control my character

~Don’t ghost me - if you don’t want to do the RP anymore, tell me

~Write it as if you were writing a book. Please don’t use asterisks for motions.

~Make your replies a decent size: at least three sentences

~Respect me and I’ll respect you


Echo Morozov is Russian, and very intimidating, though she's a big softie on the inside.

Eden Barlowe is deaf and very sensitive. She's super sweet, and is scared of big crowds.

Colleen Laurier is very sassy and funny in front of everyone, but suffers from depression.



“You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”

-All the Bright Places





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