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My Journey to Hogwarts

One still sunny morning, I awake with my dog Heidi as I opened my bedroom curtains. I hear the postman and decide to watch him drive down and up my street to see if he will stop at my letterbox. I watched him with anticaption, but wasn't expecting anything but there he stopped to place a strange looking letter into my mailbox. So, I got my slippers on to open the front door to get the letter. When I reached the letterbox, I read the envelople and noticed something odd about it. The letter still really familar with its font and discolouration. I came inside to open the letter and realising what it was. In exictement and shock, I slowly walked to my father in the living room without taking my eyes off the letter. I completely disregarded his 'Good morning' as I looked up and told him "I got into Hogwarts".

His eyes bleamed with joy and hugged me to say "Congraluations, I knew you would get in!". He then straight away started to look for plane tickets, so I could set off to London quickly as possible. Luckily, there was plane that was departing at 6pm tonight. We got the ticket as I raced back to my bedroom and started packing. The time was currently 9.30am, which means I had enough time to visit Quizzic Alley and any other stores for supplies & clothes. I went back out to my father and told him "I need to go to Quizzic Alley first to get my supplies and clothes. So I need to catch the next upcoming train to Central." He asked "Leaving so soon? Well I guess you're excited and have been waiting for this moment." as his eyes filled with sorrow.

Around 10.15am, I got my luggage and we set off to the local train station. He carried my luggage down the stairs until we reach the platform and placed it in down beside us. After waiting a few minutes, we heard the voice on the platform say "The train arriving on Platform 2 goes to Central". We looked at each other and began to cry a little as he went in for the biggest hug and a kiss on the forehead. I ran onto the train and got a seat next to window closet to my father. The doors closed as I waved goodbye and blew him a big kiss. Then I was alone.

After a while, I reached the station to go to Quizzic Alley. I walked out with luggage to walk down the street and make a left. There it was, the big gold white building. My heart beamed with joy as I rushed in.

Being exhausted from shopping, I set off to the airport. Maybe I was too early but I had not seen anyone that looked slighty wizardly. The journey felt like it was taking forever. I kept wondering if anyone else from Australia got invited to Hogwarts.

I got through the check-in, security and reached lounge area to wait for the plane to arrive. I kept looking around for other Hogwarts students but so far no good. I thought to myself 'Maybe when I reach Kings Cross Station, there will bound to be students there.' As the plane took off into the sky, I looked down at my country below and started to feel mixed feelings of sadness but exictement. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep trying to drown out the noisy plane noises.

I wake up in pure daylight, as the flight attendent announced "Ladies and gentleman, we are about to land in London. I hope you all had a good flight and enjoy London." I looked out the window and there it was, tiny, tiny London. After landing, I got into a taxi to go to Kings Cross station. As I was more awake by this time, I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. I was feeling a bit nervous as I tend to get this way when the true moment is coming.

Finally, there I was. At the Kings Cross Station, standing alone but ready to escape to Hogwarts. As I looked around to find other students, I spotted others with similar luggage hanging around Platform 9. The taxi driver placed my luggage on a trolley as I hurried off towards the group.


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