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Draco's gf related to luna (shes my cuzzie)

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Faye (full name: Faye lily Actona-Riddle, more commonly known as Faye Riddle) is a distant relative of Tom Marvollo Riddle. She isnt as close as you may think due to the existing last name, its just the abundunce of new culture which has kept the strict rule of men passing down the last name in families- especially in a good pureblood families name- for years to come. Faye is suprisingly related to Luna, though you couldnt tell, as their appearences and personalies are quite different. Alas, they still get on like a broom on fire. She doesnt know quite how excactly, except that her mother's side of the family's last name is Actona, which is the name also taken by a women known to be Luna's Mother before she married

Faye is quite intellegent but probably doesnt use her skills to the best, and is quite- as some teachers have said in the past- "academically lazy" but still achieves high marks effortlessly.

Other info: 

Dating draco malfoy

Best friend: Onyx Silverstone

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