Azrael Nachtnebel


Genderfluid [They/Them] / Shy ; Kind ; Introverted ; Autistic / Likes: Drawing, reading, true crime, horror stories, games Dislikes: Darkness, storms

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♥ Basic Info ♥

Azrael Nachtnebel
Gender: Transman
Age: 15
Birthday: October 31st, 2006
Place of Birth: Indiana, United States
Blood Status: Muggle-Born

♥ Student Info ♥

Wand: Alder Wood, 12 1/2, Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding
House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Subject(s): N/A

♥ Backstory ♥

Azrael was born in 2004 in the United States to parents Kris and Alex Nachtnebel. He first discovered his abilities when he was about 6 years of age, however he didn't know exactly what this ability was until he was 9 years old. Embarrassed and desperate to maintain their image, Azrael's parents enforced upon their child that he would not allow anyone to know of his magical abilities, nor was he to practice it. It is a true miracle that he did not develop a obscurus due to the oppression his parents forced into his younger life. 

However, luck was on Azrael's side. At the age of 16, through the modern technology of Muggles, Azrael was able to discover family in England through a family heritage website. He gained contact with them, and after many letters, Azrael discovered that they were in fact wizards and witches just as he was! Excitedly, Azrael formed a plan with them to have him stay with his English family during the school year so that he may attend a "special school." His parents knew nothing the better and agreed to the plan under the condition that he return to the US during holiday breaks and summer break. 

Student Life

Azrael is a hardworking student with a passion for transfiguration and divination, though he won't be able to take any divination classes until his second year. For now he studies on his own and practices with his favorite tarot deck, the everyday tarot deck. However, Azrael does have a difficult time with making friends. For now, his main focus is passing his classes and giving his all to graduate with a GPA of Outstanding.

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