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A responsible and intelligent Ravenclaw student.

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  • Hong Kong


I am a Muggle-born from Hong Kong, who got a funny and ridiculous and a-bit-inspiring experience when I received an owl (I’ll mention it later). 


I had two younger siblings: a brother and a sister. My brother was older and green and envious when he knew I was accepted to Hogwarts. However, until now, he obviously showed that he is nothing but an ordinary Muggle.


I studied in a famous Muggle elementary school. I was a top student and prefect. Again, my classmates are envious. They said I’m weird and cheated in all exams. They told the teachers. My classmates were there when my class teacher was about to punish me. I said a sentence and it silently everyone. “If I did cheat and only the students found out, I would say the teachers are blind and the students are looking around during all exams.”


I showed some signs of “ridiculousness” (according to my brother) just a few months before an owl flew to my house. Three intriguing and made-me-quite-cool things happened:


I was playing basketball with my dad and my brother. I teamed up with my brother, who was short. My dad was in a great lead when we were about to lose. He shot the last and victory one. “Miss!” I shouted. And it did even with my accurate dad. Then I shouted a few more times and he missed a few more times. End up, we won. I wasn’t aware of this, since this might be pure luck and he might be letting us win on purpose, until the mysterious second thing happened.


One day at school, I was planning to earn some “extra income” apart from my scholarships when my friend and classmate who loathed mathscared too much about her appearance arrived at the classroom. She came and shook my shoulders vigorously. She cried, “Help me!”

“What’s up?” I asked.

“My Mum’s planning to cut my hair if I did five out of sixty maths questions wrong!”

Then I saw the boys, playing some dice game, and I thought about my “extra income”.

“Your hair will still be here at any price. I have an idea,” I said.

She opened her wallet and gave me 50 cents. I took one of the boys’ game dice and rolled.  2 blue dots showed. “It‘ll be okay and fine.” I told her some persuasive points for not cutting her hair such as “The salon needs money.” and “You need a mature impression for interviewing in middle school.” At last, her hair was still long throughout the school year. I didn’t really care, as long as I earned my first coin, until the third thing happened and an owl flew in…


My brother was watching the Muggle Olympics while I was texting a friend about our dreams via a Muggle software, Google Chat. “I think I want to be a writer,” I texted, as I heard the television talking about a teenage Olympic gold-medalist, “Or an Olympian record-breaker?” Suddenly, a white blurry sort of stuff just shot right in my head. I screamed and hugged my tower fan as my head and my chair dropped to hit the ground. Perhaps I can only end up for Paralympics!, I thought. Just then, I reached the ground, but I bounced and hit my Google Chat computer on my desk.


My heart was racing. What happened? I should hit the ground and bleed and feel much pain. Did the gravitational force go wrong? I saw a snowy Northern-European owl on my keyboard. Why would it go to a place right under the Tropic of Cancer? The owl’s oval eyeball started to narrow and narrow, until it threw up a soaking paper. It was the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. I was surprised that I became a witch!


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