Zia Sandefer

Student; probably making her own job.

"Honestly sister could it be anymore then clear as day?" "What's next we jump onto a dragon and fly into the night? No thanks I'm good here.."

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>[Name].Zia Elizibeth Sandefer.<

>[DOB].December 19.<



>[Appearance].5'0 with bottom hourglass shaped body, has oval shaped head with soft features to her face, even though hispanic has very pale skin and very bright long puffy auburn hair, eyes are round and soft and are brown with slight orange in them, has a small button nose and heart shaped lips, out of uniform her outfits are Comfy and baggie.<


[Group].(former Group) "The Troublesome Four" (New Group) "The Holmes Three".<

>[Wand].Poplar wood with a unicorn hair core, 9 ½" and hard flexibility.<

>[Pet].mostly likely has a hidden Niffler in her trunk.<

>[Future Occupation].Psycho Analyst for both Muggles, and Wizards.<

>[Hobbies].Most likely to be found in the library reading and drawing, or wondering the castle.<


-Is born a Pureblood in New Britain Hopital To a young Emily Cuccaro and a young Alberto Rodgregiez, on a cold December morning, Four-teen months later her younger sister is born in february, when both were just two and three years of age their parents decided to give them up to the state and was given to the mothers sister. For twenty months the two sisters were raised by their birth mothers sister until the state could find a family to love them. In that time their family worried that the older one of the two might have been a squib as the younger had quite a temper and broken glass around the house was quite comin. When they were four and five the sisters were given to the Sandefers. An older couple that had wanted children. and when they were of the ages of five and six the sisters were adopted by them. The older couple were muggles which made it difficult for the two girls' family to watch over to see if they older would develop powers and over time they lost contact. What they had not known was that due to the older siblings' health her magic did not show in extreme temperamental ways. Instead it was always with her, at times her electronics would turn on, on their own; and most of the time animals seemed to have a deeper connection and understanding of the older girl.-


>[Why Hogwarts]<

-Even though most of her relitives went to Ivermornydo to her grandfathers side being british and him having gonna to Hogwarts. Do to the fact of wanting to still hold some status in the UK, Both sisters end up going there instead of Ivermorny-

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