Squirrel Escuella


Follow the wise words of our favourite hufflepuff Hound Lacriox when she says; "All Slytherins are lame!" oh btw im deff better at flying than u are lol

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   Squirrel Escuella was born as the only child in the Escuella family, rich and handsomely paid Ministry of Magic workers and Head of the Magical Transportation business, allowing Squirrel to get any kind of magical transportation devices, such as brooms, floo network powder, or even something as crazy as flying motor bikes for free, even if its the newest and best model that no ordinary wizard could buy with a snap of their fingers. Because of her wealth and effortless beauty, she is very well known from around the school and friends with other well-known rich students like Hound Laciox. Squirrel is an exellent flyer on any broom, either it be the newest or oldest, fastest or slowest, she can nail every trick in the book and wishes to become a famous quidditch player in her school, and in national quidditch around the world.

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